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Nintendo drops details on open-world Zelda game for Wii U, Ubisoft changes policies after AC Unity debacle, and Xbox One is selling better than PS4.


During Nintendo’s November Direct presentation last week, the company announced that the cult-favorite puzzle mystery entry in the Zelda franchise, Majora’s Mask, will come to 3DS spring 2015.

Yesterday, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma explained that the project is more ambitious than you might expect, and that Nintendo has actually been working on it since it finished developing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, back in June 2011.

“So although we’ve been working on the game for quite some time, we didn’t want to say it was being developed until we were at a point where we could proudly say that this is not going to be just another remake and that it’s going to be worth your time,” Aonuma said.

He added that the development team has spent a lot of time making sure the gameplay experience is smoother than in the original version without taking away from its unique world, and that it hasn’t removed the look and feel of the game, which is creepier than other Zelda games.

Finally, Aonuma said that Nintendo will reveal what has been changed and what features have been added to the Nintendo 3DS version soon.

Check out GameSpot’s wrap-up of the November Direct presentation to catch up with the latest Nintendo news.

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