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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has been in for a week of controversy, and it turned out pretty much as I expected with polarised review scores and a mix of fan reaction. Some people rated the game low on principle while others chose to only focus on merits above all else. On Monday I wrote extensively about this issue and how I’d personally approach it in my review.

This got me thinking though. There are plenty of MGS fans out there with varying reactions to Ground Zeroes. Some desperately want to play more of the franchise they love, others are two-minded and there are probably those out there that are turning their heads and refusing to accept paying for something like it.

So, given that, would you not buy a game that you really want based on principle?

If there is a bad practice behind a game you’re dying to play, would you stand your ground and vote with your wallet? Would you buy it anyway? Would you wait for it to get cheaper? At the end of the day, every person is different and there are some practices you dislike but can live with, while others take a step too far and you just can’t support it.

As everyone has their own version, I’d love to hear from you regarding this issue. Feel free to give me examples of games you refused to buy based on principle or a practice you just couldn’t support.

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South Africa feels very third-world right about now. Eskom can’t meet demands and are exactly where they were a few years ago, our president can’t pronounce “marijuana” and a disproportionate number of our population is either unemployed or striking.

I know I’m considering jumping ship as soon as an opportunity presents itself but then yesterday I realised just how absolutely gorgeous Cape Town is. Perhaps I’ll stay awhile longer and herein lies the trade-off: there is no perfect utopian city but there is one that’s perfect for you.

Gaming has given us some truly amazing cities to explore but which one would you call your home?

Dunwall is a rich, intriguing city to slink around but it’s also beleaguered by a plague and you’d likely die pretty soon. Perhaps you’d rather live on the Rook Islands but then you risk going absolutely batshit insane, not to mention becoming a drug addict.

Like I said, there’s always a trade-off.

So which city would you call home if it existed and South Africa became uninhabitable?

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Look at how topical we are. The latest Academy Awards ceremony has just wrapped up in LA and with some truly incredible movies amongst the nominees for Best Picture it got me thinking. Which of these movies would make a truly great interactive experience?

I want to say 12 Years a Slave because who doesn’t want to stagger around as a drunken Michael Fassbender or benevolent Benedict Cumberbatch with dedicated buttons for fits of rage and hair tousling respectively. I’d say Gravity but Adam Orth is already working on that. What about Her? If Catherine could do relationships in video games correctly then it’s certainly possible.

Those are just the latest nominees. There are so many more from previous years.

Can you imagine an RPG based on The Wolf of Wall Street? I just did. It was more incredible than lemons.

So which Oscar nominated film would make one hell of a game? Be sure to state what sort of game it would be.

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