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Most of my free time recently has been consumed by playing Ghosts online. I have lost hours of my life to the various fun multi-player modes. During my time playing the game on PSN I have come across some hacked lobbies. Every time when Infinity Ward releases an update I cross my fingers hoping it will fix all the hacking issues but still it seems like a hacker’s paradise. As frustrating as the hacked lobbies are, I have to say it is hilarious to witness the madness first hand. On that note here are the top 5 hacks I’ve had the misfortune of coming across.

The Case Of The Invisible Man:

I was in this match were our team had to plant a bomb in the opposing team’s side and I heard one of my team mates laughing and repeatedly saying leave me alone. At first I thought he had lost his mind because when I looked over to him he was running around in circles and he kept insisting he was being followed by another player. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when I saw the outline of a player in front of me but no one else around me could see it that I understood what was going on. I tried shooting and throwing grenades at him but it had no effect. When that “invisible” player proceeded to kill most of my team all I could do was rage because seriously how can you kill something that has no life? It’s seriously like your worst nightmare if you are the victim of an invisible bulletproof killer, but I have to admit, if I knew how to do it, I would wreak havoc.

The Case Of The Rotating Red Orb:

There is this red orb that spawns sometimes next to you and it looks like the remnants of a giant disco ball from Star Wars. This thing just revolves and moves around the map picking up most things in its path. It is a great distraction technique because almost all the players stop and have a WTF moment while they watch this red orb and the enemy team would just come around and shoot the hell out of everyone watching the orb of death. It is almost hypnotic in a way because you can’t help but stop and stare.

The Case Of The Olympic Sprinter Players:

Okay this one is my favorite mostly because with these lobbies some of the times you get a disgusting amount of XP and score. When you are in this lobby, just slightly pushing your analogue forward, your player doesn’t move, they ‘Usain Bolt’ run across the map. It’s near impossible to shoot anyone unless you just stand and try and test your hand and eye coordination by shooting the air and hoping to hit someone. Just to show you the ridiculous amount of XP you can earn I went into a match a level 13 and when the game had finished I was on level 42 and that is in a space of 4 minutes, I entered that game a girl and came out a woman. The XP can be a bit addictive though and can make some players sound like drug addicts because they will just randomly ask people if they know how to turn on XP in a match.

The Case Of The Submarine Man:

This is more like a CoD version of a re-enactment of Jaws. All you can see is the barrel of a gun moving towards you and before you know it you are dead. It’s a really genius idea because basically you are dealing with a human submarine. It’s bad enough though you have to run and check your corners and sides for the enemy, but now you have to check the ground as well!

The Case Of The Disappearing Drill:

Extinction is an alien survival mode in Ghosts and one of the objectives is to use a drill to destroy the hives in designated areas. So there is a glitch / hack where you can make the drill disappear. The trolling level on this one is super high because the drill is critical to completing certain levels so if the drill is gone you and the 3 other players are stuck. When people realise there is no drill the mass hysteria that ensues is on a Black Friday Sale kind of level. Grown men have been reduced to school yard threats by promising to kill and rape other men if they don’t return the drill.

As annoying as hacked lobbies are they do provide an element of hilarity but I’m still hoping that Infinity Ward will fix these issues.

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