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Steam Early Access has helped a few developers over the past month or so reach a massive financial milestone that will hopefully ensure that the final version of their product stands up to fans expectations. Some of these successes include DayZ, Rust and Starbound, but Steam Early Access, as well as similar deal run by developers themselves, seems to be making a really positive impact in most cases.

But do you spend the money on a game that is still a work in progress. Personally I’ve only purchased on Early Access title, and that happened to be Starbound. Now, Starbound is one of those Early Access titles that is closer to completion than the rest that are featured, but I still found myself not waiting to play after I had reach the end of the “scripted” gameplay that had been created. I still can’t bring myself to purchase titles such as DayZ or Rust, because I know the experiences they both offer are incomplete and broken. They’re still works in progress.

That’s just me though, and I know many people who have bought Dayz purely to play it early and not add to the development. Are you one of those people? Do you spend a fairly decent amount of mney to play a game that isn’t yet complete, just to be one of the first to play it?

We want to hear what Steam Early Access games you’ve spent money on, and why. DayZ players unite.

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