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The developers of Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater announce Game 4, we may be getting a sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations, and Sony isn’t quite satisfied with the PlayStation 4 edition of Minecraft.

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After the glut of information about upcoming Steam Machines during this year’s CES, new details have been hard to come by. But speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Frank Azor, general manager of Dell Inc.’s Alienware game-PC division, said that they don’t expect the their Steam Machine to be a large profit driver.

“It’s going to be very challenging. This will absolutely be the least profitable system we ever sell,” Azor said.

While Alienware has yet to provide an official price for their upcoming system, they have said before that they plan on being competitive with current consoles. However, those statements were made before Microsoft introduced their Kinect-free $ 400 system, putting it at price parity with the PS4.

The article does not delve into why Alienware feels the need to take that risk outside of the “power of Valve,” but Azor has said previously that updates to their hardware will come regularly. “We will be updating our Steam Machines every year. The platform will continue to evolve as the games become more resource intensive.”

Valve showed off a reconfigured version of the Steam controller back in March, and that it will be available this fall, followed by the actual Steam Machines. Valve typically doesn’t have a presence at E3, but we expect to hear some new details about Steam Machines from other developers during this year’s conference.

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Gears of War developer Epic is probably better known in the development community for creating and licensing the Unreal game engine, but those tools have always been very expensive and limited to big studios. However, Epic announced that all that’s changing for Unreal Engine 4: starting today, anyone can download and start using the complete Unreal Engine 4 for $ 19 a month.

Epic revealed the plan’s details at a GDC press conference earlier today. Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, said, “This is our complete engine, with everything Epic provides to leading game developers, priced accessibly for teams of all sizes, budgets and aspirations.”

In addition to the monthly fee, developers would also pay “5% of gross revenue resulting from any commercial products built using UE4.” This also includes microtransactions and any ad revenue in free-to-play games. Epic clarified that, “Unreal Engine 4 can be licensed via custom-negotiated terms, for companies that wish to form a closer support relationship with Epic, or to reduce or eliminate the 5% royalty in exchange for up-front payment.”

The tools are geared specifically toward development on PC, iOS, Android, and Mac. Unreal Engine 4 can also be used to develop games on Microsoft and Sony platforms, but the rights to use those tools would have to be negotiated separately. Epic is currently working to with Microsoft and Sony to make those platform development tools more accessible to indie developers as well, stating “We want to make all of [Unreal] available to everyone.”

No new game announcements accompanied the Engine’s release, and Sweeney said that Epic is not currently working on any titles in the Unreal game universe. But Epic does have several unannounced games in development in addition to the previously revealed Fortnite, and they hope to share more details soon.

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