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Image from Burnout Paradise, not Three Fields Entertainment’s upcoming games.

Three Fields Entertainment, a new studio founded by former members of Burnout and Need For Speed series developer Criterion Games, is currently working on two games.

Three Fields announced the news on its official Twitter account. It also announced that it hired Paul Ross, an 18 year Criterion veteran who worked on games like Burnout Paradise and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, as its new Chief Technical Officer.

Three Fields is currently comprised of 10 full time employees, all of which were previously at Criterion, and the developer said it’s looking to expand.

Three Field was founded earlier this year by Criterion founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry after the two left Criterion and Electronic Arts, which acquired the studio in 2004.

Three Fields said that it hopes to release both of these games in early 2015.

Earlier this week, Electronic Arts and Need For Speed’s current developer, Ghost Games, announced that they will not release an entry in the series this year, so they can take the time to develop a “highly innovative” game.

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Endlich dürfen die Entwickler der Need for Speed-Reihe mal den Fuß vom Gas nehmen, denn in diesem Jahr wird kein neuer Serienteil erscheinen. Weiter geht es erst im kommenden Jahr:

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