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On Jan. 6, The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit rejected Silicon Knights’ objection to a previous trial court ruling, which found it owed Epic Games $ 4.5 million in damages. That figure almost doubled after a judge awarded Epic Games to an additional $ 4.7 million to cover legal fees, meaning the company is now entitled to a total of $ 9.2 million from Silicon Knights.

Ironically, Silicon Knights was the company to initiate legal action, when it took Epic Games to court in July 2007, saying the Unreal Engine maker broke contracts with licensing partners in order to give Gears of War a head start on the competition. Epic was quick to counter-sue, firing back a month later claiming Silicon Knights tried to steal its technology, and asking for the judge to dismiss the original suit.

Epic Games won the case in May 2012, and in November 2012, Silicon Knights was ordered to destroy all copies of its ill-fated Xbox 360 action role-playing game Too Human and X-Men: Destiny, as they contained code that infringed on Epic’s copyrights. In January 2013, Silicon Knights also had to pull Too Human and its associated content from Xbox Live. Silicon Knights argued its appeal in December 2013, which was rejected on Jan. 6.

This latest ruling, it seems, brings the legal saga to a close, leaving Silicon Knights without grounds for another appeal.

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Silicon Knights says it is still working despite downsizing, closing its offices, and selling equipment.


Too Human developer Silicon Knights says it is “definitely alive” despite the studio’s former president Denis Dyack leaving to form Precursor Games.

Talking to Polygon, Silicon Knights chief financial officer Mike Mays declared that the studio was still alive. Despite the assurances, Mays would not say where Silicon Knights is currently located, what projects it’s working on, or how many employees the studio currently has.

However, the studio did confirm it has closed its offices, downsized its staff, and sold some of its equipment. Some computers were even sold to Precursor Games, the new studio founded by ex-Silicon Knights staff.

“Silicon Knights was selling off extra assets to laid-off employees and we, along with others, purchased some of them,” said Precursor Games CEO Paul Caporicci when asked. “Like so many others who have been laid off in this difficult economy, we are simply trying to turn a tough situation into something positive. This helps give us an opportunity with Shadow of the Eternals to give the gamers something that they have been wanting.”

A $ 4.45 million lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games ruled in favour of the latter in May 2012, and in November 2012 the studio was ordered to destroy all copies of its ill-fated Xbox 360 action RPG Too Human and X-Men: Destiny.

Precursor Games is currently working on Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to cult survival horror title Eternal Darkness.

Caporicci also asserted that Precursor Games hasn’t inherited any of the Silicon Knights technology currently tangled up in a lawsuit with Epic Games. “We are a completely separate and independent entity and always have been,” he said.

“Precursor is not and never has been a party to that case, and is not involved in it whatsoever. We purchased completely wiped clean machines, that is all. There is no basis for any liability or any claim against Precursor Games.”

“We wish Silicon Knights the best of luck in their future,” concluded Caporicci.

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