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Every once in a while comes a game that manages to shake up the entire industry with its brute honesty. The way the gaming industry responds to such games normally exposes a deep underlying double standard, but still falls right in line with what we, as a society, believe in. Are we, as gamers, a hypocritical group?
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Aaron of Bago Games reviews Persona 4 Arena: Simply put, Persona 4 Arena is one of the best fighting games released this year. While there is an initial learning curve, this is the easiest Arc System game to pickup and play. The story is extremely well written, the fighting is fast paced, the roster is diverse, and the online runs without a hitch. If you are either a fan of the Persona series or a fan of fighting games, I would highly recommend that you pick Persona 4 Arena up right now.
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Der Publisher dtp hat einen neuen Trailer zu Blood Knights veröffentlicht. Darin wird die Vampirdame Alsya vorgestellt, deren Schicksal im Action-Rollenspiel der Entwickler von Deck 13 eng mit dem des Vampirjägers Jeremy verknüpft ist. Die Entwickler…
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