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(Some Of) The Big Stuff:

More talk of resolution this week, as the PlayStation 4 version of Rockstar Games‘ upcoming open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V will run at 1080p, according to a new report. The game’s 1080p visuals are described as „glimmering.“ Find out for yourself when the game launches on November 18 for PS4, as well as Xbox One–PC version coming next year..

Very soon you’ll be able to get an Xbox One for $ 350. Ahead of the busy holiday shopping season, Microsoft this week announced a $ 50 price cut for the Xbox One. The price drop, effective November 2 (that’s tomorrow!), is good for all Xbox One systems, including the special-edition bundles that come with copies of Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

On Tuesday, Sony released the PlayStation 4’s long-awaited and feature-rich 2.0 Update, codenamed Masamune. Among the long list of new features introduced in the update is Share Play, which lets you virtually play couch co-op with a friend. Read more about how it works here.

The Other Stuff (Stories We Like, But Didn’t Cover With a Standalone Post):

Lego Minifigures Online developer Funcom announced this week that it is teaming with huge online retailer Amazon to offer the upcoming MMO for Fire TV and various Fire tablets. The game, which is already available on PC, will come to Amazon’s devices by the end of the year.

What does Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock’s upcoming 4v1 shooter Evolve look like on Xbox One? I’m glad you asked, because the studio this week released the first footage of the game running on Xbox One–and it does not disappoint. Watch it right now. We sat down with the studio to learn all about the game, which you can play today on Xbox One, PS4, and PC through an alpha.

Minecraft developer Mojang this week confirmed that the final version of its upcoming PC collectible card game, Scrolls, will launch sometime in November. The game was previously in beta, and had been for many months. The November release date comes with the standard game development warning, however. „We’re not going to release it until it’s ready, if you know what I mean,“ Mojang’s Owen Hill said.

And now for something completely different. Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya visited Valve’s headquarters in Seattle recently, and he even posted a picture to prove it. WHAT CAN IT MEAN? The only logical conclusion to reach is that Kamiya is working on Half-Life 3 this has nothing to do with Half-Life 3.

Have you been waiting to play BioShock Infinite? If so, next week might be the time to jump in. 2K Games announced this week that BioShock: The Complete Edition will be released on November 4 for Xbox 360 and PS3. It includes the main game and all of its DLC for $ 40.


Are you hungry for cake? Now you probably are. In celebration of the PlayStation Access YouTube channel reaching 300,000 subscribers, someone (presumably Sony’s head chef) baked the team a cake modeled after the PlayStation 4 and DualShock 4 controller. It was a chocolate cake, a moist chocolate cake, according to Sony’s Hollie Bennett. In this case, despite what you may have heard, the cake is not in fact a lie.

Retailer Best Buy has announced midnight launch plans for next week’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and they are quite extensive. Best Buy, like other retailers, will sell the game at exactly 12:01 AM Eastern at its stores across the US (more than 800 in all) on November 3. November 3 because that’s the day the Day Zero edition goes on sale. Best Buy has also announced that, similar to Walmart, you will not need to have previously preordered Advanced Warfare to buy the game at midnight. Woo hoo!

This War of Mine, the game from a team of Polish developers that aims to show the other side of war, got a release date and a new trailer this week. The game will launch on November 14 through Steam and Games Republic for $ 20, and you can see a new trailer below. If you’re not familiar with the game, here’s a primer. You do not play as a soldier like in Call of Duty or Battlefield, but rather you control a group of civilians trying to survive a city under fire. You struggle with food and medicine, and you’re in constant danger. „The game provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle,“ its developer 11 bit studios writes.

A new study from the folks at SuperData reveals some gender trends about gaming. Via Joystiq, the report showed that men play more MMOs and FPS games, while women–on average–generally gravitate toward mobile games and RPGs. Does this match up with your own personal experiences?

Rugby 2015, the debut of the franchise for current-generation consoles, has been delayed. The game was previously expected to launch by the end of the year, but that is no longer the case, as developer HB Studios announced this week that the game is now coming in 2015. No reason for the delay was announced. When it is released, Rugby 2015 will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and PC.

Tough times ahead for Call of Duty, as one analyst believes the series has peaked, and Advanced Warfare will sell 40 percent fewer copies than Ghosts and a whopping 70 percent fewer copies than Black Ops II. Analysts are not always right, however. We’ll find out soon enough, as Advanced Warfare launches next week. Are you buying a copy this year?

Heads up, retro game fans. Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner announced this week that he has donated a collection of design notes, drawings, correspondence, business records, and software related to his best-known works (Karateka, Prince of Persia, and The Last Express) to The Strong museum in Rochester, New York. The works will be available to researchers at the The Strong’s research library, and also to the public in future exhibits.

Video game charity Extra Life announced this week that it has now raised $ 5.4 million thanks to the coordinated, worldwide efforts of recent charity live-stream marathons. GameSpot played 100 games in 100 hours to raise money, and lots of other sites and studios held campaigns, too. Donations continue to pour in, Extra Life says, and you can do your part until December 31.

In other charity-related news, video game retailer GameStop announced this week that it has renewed its partnership with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for its annual „Thanks and Giving“ campaign. What this means for you is that when you shop at GameStop this holiday, you’ll have a chance to donate to St. Jude at the point of purchase. Last year, GameStop raised more than $ 1 million through the initiative, and it is aiming higher this year. As a thank you to customers who decide to donate, GameStop will give you a 10 percent off coupon you can use the next time you buy a used game at the retailer.

Fueled by the massive success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the free-to-play game based on the celebrity, publisher Glu Mobile hit a record for single-quarter revenue for the latest period. Oh, the power of celebrity! It’s only a matter of time before other celebrities follow suit, I’d have to imagine.

In other Kim Kardashian news, Zynga founder Mark Pincus snapped a stealthy selfie with Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, during a World Series game last week. He also took a photo of West, Kardashian, and Barry Bonds. Just incredible. Go Giants!


That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

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Konami announced today that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is getting an official price drop.The boxed version of the game is now available across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 for $ 20.

If you’re in the market for a digital copy, you can buy the game today on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for $ 20 on Xbox 360 and PS3. However, the digital version continues to sell for $ 30 across Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Looks like a boxed copy is the cheapest way to go right now.

A PC version of Ground Zeroes, which supports 4K resolution, will launch through Steam in December.

Set in 1975 on a prison base called Camp Omega, Ground Zeroes challenges players to infiltrate the base using a combination of stealth and action mechanics. Despite controversy over its length, Ground Zeroes has sold over 1 million copies to date.

Ground Zeroes is the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which will launch in 2015 for Xbox One and PS4. A PC version of the game is also in the works, though Konami has not announced when it will be released.

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The Xbox One just got a $ 50 price drop through the end of the year, but after getting outsold by the PS4 in the US every month this year, will it be enough to put Microsoft’s console on top? GameSpot’s editors discuss.

Price Cut Could Lead to Happy Holiday for Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One price drop news today is a big deal and could be a turning point for the system that’s lagged behind the PlayStation 4 for a year now. The $ 50 price cut applies to all Xbox One systems, bringing the entry-level console down to $ 350. That’s a healthy $ 50 less expensive than the rival PS4. In November 2013, you needed to pay $ 500 for an Xbox One–and no pack-in games were available, at least not in the US. In November 2014? You’ll be able to get an Xbox One and your choice of high-profile games (Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or Assassin’s Creed Unity) starting at $ 350. That’s quite a compelling value.

Pricing is always important, but it’s heightened during the holiday shopping period, and Microsoft is smart to launch this promotion so early in November. The price drop goes into effect the week of a historically Xbox-led Call of Duty series debut (Advanced Warfare) and just one week before Halo: The Master Chief Collection arrives. If any Xbox 360 (or PS3 or Wii) owner was on the fence about upgrading to Xbox One, this price cut should make all the difference in swaying their decision. — Eddie Makuch

I still have a PC, and $ 350 will buy a lot of Steam games

Earlier this month, I bought a long HDMI cable to connect my PC to my big screen TV for around $ 15, and now that I can switch to Steam’s Big Picture mode, it’s basically the best console I’ve ever owned. I’m happy to see that Sunset Overdrive turned out great, but I’m not ready to spend around $ 350 to play it. If you don’t have a PC, sure, it’s not a bad deal, but if you do, there’s a Steam holiday sale around the corner, and $ 350 will get you dozens of games. If Microsoft wants to attract more PC gamers, I suspect they’ll need a few more exclusives first. — Emanuel Maiberg

Great for Some, Too Late for Many Others

I have no doubt this will help Xbox One this holiday season; someone trying to decide which console to purchase might be swayed into picking up a One just to save some money. But what this offer can’t affect is the buying decision of those who have already picked up a PS4–and are therefore influencing what console their friends pick up. Nobody wants to be that one person with a different system than everyone else they’d ordinarily play games with online. And with PlayStation Plus outclassing Games With Gold, a one-time $ 50 savings won’t be enough to impact a major buying decision for a lot of people. — Chris Pereira

Still Settling for Second

Say what you will about Xbox One sales so far, but there’s no denying that a $ 50 price drop is a win for consumers. The trouble is, if you weren’t in the market for an Xbox One before the price drop, I’d argue a $ 50 saving still isn’t going to convince you buy one over a PlayStation 4, or even a Wii U.

Price might have helped Sony garner an early sales lead over Microsoft, but at this point, word of mouth is what’s moving consoles. Rightly or wrongly, there’s a perception that Sony’s console is easier to use, and far more powerful then Microsoft’s, while PlayStation Plus with its choice of free games has come to represent better value than Xbox Live. The early adopters opted for a PS4, and it’s costing Microsoft dearly.

Sure, saving $ 50 might win Microsoft a few new customers, while excellent exclusives like Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive might win it a few more. But it all seems too late. Like Sony did with the PlayStation 3, Microsoft might have to settle for second place with the Xbox One. After all, if all your friends are playing online on PS4, why go with anything else? — Mark Walton

Can Only Be a Good Thing

Price is demonstrably one of the most basic and crucial factors when weighing up whether a console is worth buying or not, so it would be reckless to assume a $ 50 discount will have no effect at all.

But price is only part of a complex equation. It’s likely just as important to consider whether the Xbox One has the right games for you right now, and whether you’re interested in its multimedia capabilities, and even what console your friends own.

What’s certain is this: The Xbox One is now more desirable to the tune of $ 50. How much that revenue drop will hurt Microsoft remains to be seen, but for the consumer, it’s an obvious win. — Rob Crossley

Game Changer

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that November will be the first time that the Xbox One overtakes the PS4. The $ 50 price drop is big, but paired with the $ 100 discount from Microsoft stores, it puts the Xbox One into the coveted „impulse purchase range“ that the original Wii used to have. Paired with the PS4’s lack of exclusives this holiday and the Call of Duty franchise’s strong association with Xbox, Microsoft is in a strong position for Black Friday.

Now, this opinion is assuming that Sony isn’t going to fire back with their own price drop or compelling bundle (as nice as the $ 275 system deal is, that only lasts through November 9). In the long term, PlayStation still has the overall advantage both in terms of public perception and a commanding sales lead. But for now, Microsoft is showing that its still in the race and is just getting its second wind. — Justin Haywald

What do you think? Has the price been an impediment to going next-gen, or have you already made your choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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