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Welcome to my playthrough of id Software’s horror shooter classic, Doom 3. This was a reboot of the Doom franchise that begins a completely new story, having nothing to do with the first two games. It was a highly acclaimed horror title that went on to become a classic, and I’ve always wanted to play it. Join me to see what Doom 3 is made of.

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“With a great combo system, a decent number of weapons for variation, hidden collectibles, and a number of unlockable characters for use in both game modes, Shank 2 is a fine choice. Just be aware that the potential for irritation lies within. Irritation that can be sated by demolishing hundreds of villains with a chainsaw.”

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THQ has decided that UFC Undisputed 3 is good enough to predict fight verdicts, and what’s just what they’ve done. The video above shows Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes, a fight which is only scheduled to happen on 14 January, 2012.

The fight is for the Featherweight championship. And, according to the video, it should last until 3:46 into Round 4. The winner is Jose Aldo by T.K.O.

While it’s interesting to see what could possibly happen, I personally think that this might be more of a battle than predicted.

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