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It’s been hard for local Xbox fans. Not knowing when your next-gen console will arrive on local shores and being convinced day by day to switch over to the PS4. I have no doubt that some who swore such brand loyalty have already jumped ship, but those still waiting patiently will have to continue like that for a few more months.

That’s if a report on The Verge is to be trusted, which states that the Xbox One will be arriving in South Africa in October.

An anonymous forum user on NeoGAF has posted which regions will be part of Microsoft’s second and third wave releases, and as you’d expect we’re on that list. Sadly, it seems to be the third wave, which means a pretty long wait still for Microsoft’s next-gen offering.

Microsoft is said to be releasing Xbox One in April in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. An October launch of Xbox One is also rumoured to follow in China, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Israel, India, Indonesia, and Egypt.

Now I did also hear that we might get confirmation soon about a solid release window regarding the Xbox One, so I’m inclined to agree with this report quite a bit. On top of this information, the anonymous source also leaked details about plans to release the White Xbox One to the public (so…sexy), as well as a possible Titanfall Xbox One console that looks just as good as the exclusive console. A drive-less Xbox One is also reportedly being released at some point this year, sporting a much bigger 1TB HDD as well.

The new white console is reportedly being prepared for an October launch, alongside the release of Sunset Overdrive. So there’s a little incentive to keep you waiting.

Question is, has it been too long already? October basically puts the Xbox One nearly a year behind the PS4, something we saw was detrimental to Sony in the early years of its console life. We’ll have official confirmation soon, so in the meantime let us know if you’ll be waiting or not.

Better yet, considering the nose dive our exchange rate is taking, how about you guess just how much the Xbox One will cost when it finally lands.

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