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Front End Changes

Shadow Fiend Remake

A long time in the making the redesign for Shadow Fiend is now here.

Comparison Slider

Drag the slider all the way to the right to see the new model.

Base Model

Default Parts

  • Shadow Fiend’s Head
  • Shadow Fiend’s Shoulders
  • Shadow Fiend’s Arms
  • Shadow Fiend’s Ambient Effects

Shadow Fiend Arcana

Shadow Fiend has long collected the souls of his enemies. As is the case with any collector, some prizes have stood above others, to be sought out at any cost. However, there are certain souls that should not be tried, and forces so dark and filled with rage that no being could hope to contain them. Thus did Shadow Fiend learn the price, and gift, that comes with stealing the souls of demons, and he was changed evermore.

New base skin & models with special ambient effects

Altered Voice

Default Voice

Arcana Voice

New Hero icon, portrait & minimap icon

New spell effects and icons for all his abilities

New sound effects




Special Raze status effect that displays over Shadow Fiend when the same enemy is Razed multiple times

The special raze shows up when landing successive razes, displaying a special counter directly above Shadow Fiend’s model.

Unique attack effects

Custom loadout pedestal

Neutral Creep Texture Updates

Ogre Bruiser’s Textures

The Ogre Bruiser has had some slight work done to his texture and texture masks.

Model Viewer Comparison Slider

Drag the slider all the way to the right to see the new textures.

In Game Shot

6.82 Map Updates

Minimap Comparison Slider

In Game Shots

New Treasure Chests

Treasure of the Forged Fury

Volatile Firmament

Obsidian Guard

Engulfing Spike

Includes custom ability icons.

Snowstorm Huntress

Armor of the Stalwart Soul

Iceborn Trinity

Random Bonus Rewards

Hunter of Kings

Includes custom ability icons.

Lil’ Nova

The courier can also be unboxed with an Usual courier effect.

Treasure of the Summit’s Peak

A special Summit’s Peak chest from Beyond The Summit which helps increase the prize pool of The Summit 2 using 10% from each chest sale.

Relics of the Sundered King

Dreadhawk Armor

Dame de Carreau

Hidden Flower

Random Bonus Rewards

The Maniacal Machinist

Rainmaker MK.VII

Treasure of the Nexon Anniversary 2014

A new treasure chest for the Korean provider Nexon is in the files for their upcoming anniversary. Contains some of their old item sets and couriers.

The chest will have a bonus rare chance of unboxing one of the following couriers as an Unusual:




New Bundles

ESL One New York Summons Bundle

Ravenous Woodfang

Boreal Sigil

Shrieking Razorback


Thistle Crawler

New League Passes – With Bundles

Synergy League Season 1

The top teams from Europe, South-East Asia, and China compete for the $ 50,000+ prize pool. Purchase the ticket and increase the prize pool. This bundle includes the Warhawk Vestiments Lina set and grants access to view games from the Synergy League Season 1.

Warhawk Vestiments Lina set

Dota2VO Ability Cup #2

The second season of the Dota2VO Ability Cup. The top teams from EU compete for the $ 300+ prize pool. This bundles gives you the Bane Midnight Terror HUD and access to watch games from Dota2VO Ability Cup #2.

Bane Midnight Terror HUD Skin

ESL Think Fast Razer League

Teams compete in this open tournament to earn their spot in the Think Fast Razer League Playoffs. This bundle includes the Brawl Basher HUD and grants access to view games from the ESL Think Fast Razer League.

Brawl Basher HUD Skin

TEvent Dota 2 Season 1

“This open tournament contains 64 teams from Central Russia competing for the rights to call themselves the best team in the region. This ticket grants the Heavenly Light Omniknight set and access to view games from TEvent Dota 2 Season 1.”

Heavenly Light Omniknight set

League of Dota Season 6

“League of Dota returns for a 6th season, featuring $ 1000 in cash prizes spread across 16 tournaments for North American and European teams. Sponsored by GameVox. This ticket grants you the Neokin Faierie Ward and access to watch League of Dota Season 6 games.”

Neokin Faierie Ward

Korean Dota League Season 4

Nexon presents the fourth season of KDL with SpotTV and KeSPA. Newly promoted teams have joined each respective tier. The KDL will span four seasons with a total of KRW 650 million (USD 605,000) prize pool. Watch the fourth season of KDL featuring the top 10 teams from the tier 1 and 2 leagues. This bundle includes the Scavenger of the Basilisk Pudge set and grants access to view games from KDL Season 4.

Scavenger of the Basilisk Pudge set

Includes custom ability icons.

Dota Pit League Season 2

“The top teams are going to compete against each other for $ 75,000. Each bundle purchased increases the tournament prize pool by 12.5%. Bundle includes the Sorcerer of the Black Pool Lich set!”

Sorcerer of the Black Pool Lich set

The Summit 2

“The Summit 2 is the long-awaited sequel to a global Dota 2 event! The world’s best teams will fight online for 4 slots at the LAN Finals this December, where they will challenge Evil Geniuses and another invited team for $ 100,000+. 25% of each bundle sold goes towards the prize pool and the bundle includes Compendium access, a courier, loading screen, and DotaTV ticket!”

Duskie Courier


Stretch Goal Rewards Reached

Summit 2 Loading Screen

Demonic Presence HUD Skin

Arctic Watchtower Ward

Starladder Season X Stretch Goals

Starladder Season X Loading Screen

Starladder Season X HUD Skin

New Couriers

Jujak the Fiery Rebirth

A new courier from the MVP Phoenix team is now in the game.

Back End Changes

New Trophies

Nexon Trophies

A new trophy category for the Korean Dota 2 provider Nexon is now in the game.

Nexon First Anniversary Trophy

“Awarded for participating in and winning games in celebration of the Nexon First Anniversary”

One win is bronze, five wins is silver and ten wins is gold.

Unreleased Pre-Game Showcase

Showcase Cameras

The unreleased pre-game showcase now has hero cameras for a standard approach, approaching from above and panning from left to right.

Each player now also displays a new “showcase panel” that has a couple made up placeholder stats for the moment.

Unreleased Compendium Stretch Goal Rewards

New Upgraded Creeps

Unlocks new models for your creeps after you’ve killed the enemy barracks. (Available to all players, not just Compendium Owners)

A work in progress version of the ranged Radiant version of the creep is now in the files.

The Dire Melee Megacreep is also in the files but is currently untextured.

Other Changes

6.82 Ability Icons

A number of new ability icons were added for 6.82

Particle Updates

The Genuine Fire Belt for Lina now has a particle effect.

Unreleased Styles

The Alliance Gyrocopter set has an alternative rocket style in the files that is currently unused.

Portrait Updates

The portrait script file was updated with the following updates:

  • Dire Megacreep Melee portrait
  • Radiant Megacreep Ranged portrait
  • Oracle’s portrait

Region File Updates

Along with the addition of the Peru and Chile (Argentina/Chile) servers the Nexon Japan (region 14) has been removed/replaced.

  • Region 14: Argentina/Chile (
  • Region 15: Peru (

Game Sound Updates

Oracle’s game sound script file has been updated with sound effects for all of its abilities and ambient sound effects such as an idle loop effect.

Hero Select/Ban Lines

The hero selection and ban lines are now in place for Oracle.

Selection Line:

  • “*vo\oracle\orac_spawn_01.mp3″

Ban Line:

  • “*vo\oracle\orac_anger_08.mp3″

New Item Sound Effects




New/Updated Hero Sound Effects

Bloodseeker’s Sound Effects




Dark Seer’s Sound Effects



Earth Spirit’s Sound Effects



Phantom Lancer’s Sound Effects




Shadow Fiend’s Sound Effects



Spectre’s Sound Effects



Techies` Sound Effects


Treant’s Sound Effects


Predictions For The Next Hero



Image credit: Shara Tibken/CNET

Confirming an earlier report, Apple today sent out invitations to media for an event to be held on Thursday, October 16. The company is widely expected to announce new iPads and Mac computers during the presentation, which will be held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

“It’s been way too long,” Apple teased in its invitation sent to media (via GameSpot sister site CNET).

According to a report from Recode last week, Apple might also talk about OS X Yosemite, the latest iteration of its operating system, during the event.

Apple has a history of holding iPad events in October, as the company announced the iPad Air and iPad Mini devices last year at an event on October 22, 2013.

Next week’s event comes just a month after Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch as part of a high-profile presentation that even featured a performance by U2. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale on September 19 and sold a record 10 million units in three days.

As for Apple’s iPad line, the first iPad was released in 2010 and prompted the release of a flood of similar tablets from competing companies. Xbox maker Microsoft launched its own tablet line, called Surface, in 2012.

What are you hoping Apple announces on October 16? Let us know in the comments below!

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