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The developer of Papers, Please has announced the iPad launch of the game via Twitter. Lucas Pope tweeted a photo of the game appearing on an iPad with the words, “December 12th.”

Pope noted that the iPad version of the game will not contain the full nudity option for the search scanner photos, citing Apple’s rejection of the version of the game with that feature on the grounds of “pornographic content.”

He stated in another tweet, “I did this iPad version myself. The Vita port has way more dependencies so there’s still no ETA on that. I probably announced it too early.”

Pope’s Papers, Please won this year’s Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Game Festival, as well as the Excellence in Narrative and Excellence in Design award. The game was positively received in GameSpot’s review, praised for its emphasis on moral choices and engaging story. Developer Pope has since announced his next project, named Return of the Obra Dinn. The game will use a first-person perspective and take place on an East India Company merchant ship named the Obra Dinn. No release date has been confirmed.

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Indie game Paranautical Activity has been taken down from Steam following the posting of death threats addressed at Valve’s Gabe Newell from developer Mike Maulbeck. As reported by Player Attack, Maulbeck’s game was initially highlighted on a Steam store segment featuring Halloween-themed games. Paranautical Activity was mistakenly captioned as an Early Access title despite being completed, to which Maulbeck tweeted the following:


Maulbeck’s tweets culminated with a threat stating that he was “going to kill gabe newell.”


Paranautical Activity was removed from Steam following the posting of Maulbeck’s tweets. “We have removed the game’s sales page and ceased relations with the developer after he threatened to kill one of our employees,” a Valve spokeperson told Kotaku.

This would not be the first time a game has been pulled from Steam. Earlier this year Valve mysteriously pulled The Stomping Land from Steam Early Access, which received more than $ 100,000 through Kickstarter. Earth: Year 2066 was pulled and refunds offered following fans’ concerns on the quality of the game.

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