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Barely a month old and Nintendo’s new Wii U console is already garnering a whole bunch of attention from all corners of the gaming world. From classic franchises to brand new properties, the Wii U is home to all kinds of gaming experiences and it’s only going to get better in 2013.


Here are the Nominees:

Assassin’s Creed III

Wii U GOTY 2012 01

New Super Mario Bros. U

Wii U GOTY 2012 04

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition

Wii U GOTY 2012 02

Zombi U

Wii U GOTY 2012 05


And the Winner is…



New Super Mario Bros. U

Wii U GOTY 2012 03

Is there no stopping Mario? Nintendo’s moustachioed hero was as busy as ever in 2012 (six games, not bad) but no task was more important than getting the Wii U off to a good start. And that’s just what he did.

Choosing the best Wii U game for 2012 was an extremely difficult task, because the system’s launch line-up was among the best we have ever seen. There was Assassin’s Creed III, with its excellent combat and epic tale; Mass Effect 3: Special Edition’s high stakes game of intergalactic warfare; Zombi U’s ravaging and terrifying undead; not to mention games like Black Ops II, Nintendo Land and Arkham City: Armored Edition that narrowly missed out on being shortlisted.

But in the end it was the tight, classic and perfected Mario formula that won the day. The series‘ new additions of challenges, boost rush, Miiverse interactions and, of course, the Wii U Gamepad definitely didn’t hurt either. But most important of all, this is the first 2D Mario platformer since Super Mario World to truly feel original and really capture the series‘ essence, and that is why New Super Mario Bros. U is our choice for Best Wii U Game of 2012.

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Review: Review: Toy Story Mania! (Xbox 360)

Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole.

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It’s been a fantastic year for gamers across the globe. Console owners in particular have been able to enjoy some of the best games of the year, and regardless of your system of choice there has been plenty of variety in the form of exclusive and multiplatform titles. As you’d expect, the Xbox 360 has had a slice of the action, so let’s take a look at the nominees for the Xbox 360 Game of the Year. 


Here are the Nominees:

The Walking Dead

Mass Effect 3

Halo 4





And the Winner is…



Halo 4

is without a doubt the biggest franchise Microsoft has in its locker. Over the years it has had millions of fans frothing at the mouth in excitement, and it has rarely disappointed. Halo 4 was a different beast though. Before the game was released no one really knew what to expect. This was because Halo 4 wasn’t being made by Bungie; that era is now over. All eyes were instead on 343 industries as they took on the challenge of not only continuing, but also improving, one of the biggest franchises in gaming. 

It would be fair to say, then, that 343 Industries delivered a game that met our lofty expectations, and then decided blow them away. Halo 4 managed to walk the fine tightrope between evolution and preservation. The game felt fresh, exciting and engaging without sacrificing its identity: a remarkable feat that means we will forever be in 343 Industries debt. It also allows us to stop worrying and start frothing at the mouth again, because Halo is in safe hands and it’s never been better. 

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