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This video will show you how to modify the PC board of the Xbox 360 LiteOn 93450c DVD drive so that you can dump the firmware. ************************ I OFFER THIS AND OTHER SERVICES FOR THE XBOX 360, PS3, & PC – CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS @ ************************ I made this video as a counterpart to pastorrtom’s video which tells you how to get the firmware off the drive using JungleFlasher. Pastorrtom’s first video can be found here… The links to the next two videos can be found in his description. This video focuses on the soldering portion of the modification, that in my opinion is rather difficult and unforgiving. Do the soldering exactly and without error and your modification will be successful. I encourage you to watch the first part of pastorrtom’s video in its entirety, then watch this video, and finish up with the last two parts of pastorrtom’s video. Thank you for watching and be sure to leave comments. Good Luck! - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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