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CD Projekt RED und Bandai Namco Games stellen eine der Hauptakteure des Rollenspiels The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt näher vor – die Hexerin Ciri. Alleine in einer Welt, in der nur die Starken überleben, begibt sich der Monsterjäger Geralt von Riva auf ein Abenteuer, das alles … News


Microsoft has announced Killer Instinct is getting a few new items to celebrate the holiday season and more details about the 2.2 update, which adds a new fighter, Riptor.

Riptor, which Microsoft first teased last month, is a the Cybernetic Raptor created by Ultratech that has both human and reptilian DNA. He first appeared in the original game, and will be added to Killer Instinct on Xbox One when the 2.2 update is released on January 1, 2015. You can also expect a new Riptor trailer and gameplay stream on Monday.

The 2.2 update also includes:

  • Riptor’s stage “Hatchery 09”
  • Story mode
  • Dossiers for all S1 characters (on character select screen)
  • Balance changes and fixes (2.2 changelist found here)
  • Increased character and stage loading speed
  • New character select screen icons and silhouettes
  • TJ’s Retro Costume

Microsoft warned that the update will be larger than usual—10GB—because you’ll have to re-download improved versions of all the content packages in order to get those shorter character loading times.

Until the update is applied, you can accessorize your fighters with holiday-themed items like a Saberwulf reindeer head, TJ Combo Santa head, and Orchid’s candy cane batons. You’ll get the items for free if you already bought Orchid, and Season 1 and 2 Ultra Edition. If you haven’t, you can also buy them individually. The items will not be for sale after update 2.2.

For more information on the Rank system remodel and Iron Galaxy’s future plans for the game, check out this latest post to the Killer Instinct’s official forum.

Killer Instinct shipped on the same day as the Xbox One launch, with Jago available to play for free. Players could unlock other characters and items by paying a fee.

Killer Instinct developer Double Helix was acquired by Amazon earlier this year, casting doubt on continued support for the Xbox One fighter. Microsoft claimed the game would not be affected and said that the franchise, which it owns, would continue on.

Emanuel Maiberg is a freelance writer. You can follow him on Twitter @emanuelmaiberg.

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During a Bloodborne panel today at the PlayStation Experience, the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, went even more in-depth than the keynote earlier in the day.

Here’s a quick run-down of a few of Miyazaki’s notes from the panel:

  • Over 10 maps in the world.
  • Each map is unique with it’s own “situation.”
  • The Chalice dungeon is a multi-layered map located in the city’s lower levels
  • Procedurally generated, but massive, spanning the entire underground area of the city.
  • Each area in the underground has a holy chalice; finding that allows you to break the seal and access another section.
  • By multi-layer, that means there are three layers to present different surprises and traps to widen the game’s strategy
  • After generating your dungeon through the Holy Chalice ritual, it stays fixed. That allows players the opportunity to master each dungeon while still providing “fresh and interesting” experiences.
  • Assume the difficulty level of the dungeons is high. They won’t be easy to breeze through.
  • Like Demon’s Souls, the focus on is on the sense of accomplishment and achievement after clearing a dungeon.
  • Increase the scale of sharing. Players will be able to share generated dungoens and the methods they used to complete them. You can narrow those down to specific communities or just a close group of friends.
  • The Chalice Dungeon isn’t tied into the main story; it’s optional.

And points from the Q&A:

  • Character customization will be about on level with Dark Souls II, but there will also be some unique features. As an action-RPG, it’ll have everything “to be expected from an RPG.”
  • The team is working to keep the game running at the highest frame rate they can, and the final specifications will depend on what works best for the experience.
  • There is PvP in the game.
  • There might be something along the lines of the fight in Dark Souls II where you took on the role of a boss and fought against another player.
  • The concept of dying and Hollowing from Demon’s/Dark Souls will exist in some form in Bloodborne as well.
  • The dungeon you saw during the keynote was made for the presentation; the actual dungeons will be much larger and more complex.
  • The boss characters are also part of the randomly generated element.

For even more news from the PlayStation Experience, check out our run-down of all the new trailers or a round-up of all the biggest news and announcements from the show.

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