Posts Tagged ‘Debunked’ “Yesterday on an Infinity Ward registered website, a trailer was released for a movie called “Modern Warfare 4″. Yesterday, a YouTuber reports on ‘inside’ information for the next Call of Duty game called Ghosts. Both rumors are false.”
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If you want to read more from the author of this video, you can head to: If you’re interested in Gran Turismo 5 you probably saw the video “Gran Turismo 5 vs. Forza 3 – AI comparison” ( ). The video has been shown on several media outlets, that considered it a reliable source without making an effort to check (even reliable enough to include it in their reviews). Turns out that the video is a quite elaborate ruse to show Gran Turismo 5 in a much worse light than it deserves. This video demonstrates exactly that. NOTE: in all the clips shown in this video the player’s car has been positioned on the racing line, that the AI loosely follows in normal conditions, in order to maximise it’s potential as an obstacle. The purpose of this video is not to demonstrate that the AI of Gran Turismo 5 is perfect, or that it’s better (or worse) than the AI featured in Forza Motorsport 3. What it shows is simply that the locations, camera angles and situations have been purposedly chosen in the original video in order to put the Gran Turismo 5 AI in severely disadvantageous conditions, and that the GT5 AI in normal conditions does detect and will try to avoid obstacles in it’s path. Please judge by yourself, and thanks for watching. Music: -Forever Love Me (by: Symbol) -Futureland (by: Ace) PS: Sorry for the couple of typos. Video editing at 4 AM isn’t exactly the best to focus on spelling :D If you want to read more from the author of this video, you


Noticed any Battlefield 3 beta rumours as of late? The latest one will have you thinking that the Beta comes out in the next few days and that there is picture proof of it.
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