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Rob and Justin spent some time playing BioShock on an iPad. Is this the best way to experience the classic game? No.

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Back in April, we reported on a rumor that the PlayStation 4 was getting MP3 support. Nothing official came from Sony, but many people thought it likely that the console would get some sort of external music compatibility at some point. Recently, we got more evidence that such an update is in the works.

According to reddit user IWorkForSony, who has been verified by r/PS4 subreddit moderators as a Sony employee, Sony is currently developing an update for the PS4 that will bring MP3 and video player support by the holiday season. The user also said that DLNA media server support will come some time in 2015.

The user went on to address the upcoming public beta test for PlayStation Now, Sony’s game streaming service that’s been in private beta for a few months. When someone asked about rumors circulating that owners of PlayStation 3 games may get free access to those same titles via PS Now, IWorkForSony negated the possibility. “Those rumors are wrong,” he wrote. “Entitlements for PS3 games won’t carry over to PS Now.” As for the reason why Sony will not provide discounts, he explained, “Unfortunately, it just doesn’t make business sense for Sony to transfer entitlements to PS Now. Streaming games costs them money.”

Finally, he revealed that a subscription model for PS Now is still in the works, and that the beta is to test different pricing models.

This week, the user also revealed that the PlayStation Mobile app is getting a substantial overhaul. “There’s a redesign in the works,” he stated. “It should be more functional and modern (read: less cheesy blue boxes).”

As for the legitimacy of IWorkForSony, I reached out to the moderators and they confirmed that he has provided evidence as to his employment at Sony. Mod IceBreak wrote, “We saw things that pretty much guarantee [he] works for Sony. Besides that there were debug unit OS pictures. I can’t elaborate more than that or share the pictures due to the anonymity of the user but I also want to let you know what we used to verify [him].”

We’ve asked Sony for comment and will update this story if we receive word. Will you take advantage of MP3 support on the PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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<div data-embed-type="video" data-ref-id="2300-6419675" data-width="854" data-height="480"><iframe src="/videos/embed/6419675/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe></div><p dir="ltr" style="">Bandai Namco’s free-to-play 2-on-2 <a href="">PC</a> fighting game <a href="">Rise of Incarnates</a>’ will hold a closed beta in the United States from August 8 through August 17.</p><p dir="ltr" style="">Designed by developers who previously worked on <a href="">SoulCalibur</a>, <a href="">Tekken</a> and <a href="">Gundam Extreme</a>, Rise of Incarnates features 2-on-2, "unfettered 3D battles" on the ground and in the air, and real-world battlegrounds. The different playable characters, or “Incarnates,” will have their own unique skills and powers, and the game will allow you to craft your own playstyle.</p><p dir="ltr" style="">When the closed beta starts you’ll be able to play as Mephistopheles, Lilith, Grim Reaper, and Ares, while Brynhildr and another level will be added on August 13. Paris and New York City will be the only playable levels at first.</p><p dir="ltr" style="">Bandai Namco will also be testing the game’s monetization during the beta, offering a selection of purchasable in-game character customization options, though it hasn’t revealed specific prices.</p><p dir="ltr" style="">Bandai Namco says that it’s made significant improvements to the game based on player feedback since its alpha phase. It now has an improved user interface and tutorials, and input improvements should make the controls more responsive as well.</p><p dir="ltr" style="">You can sign up for the Rise of Incarnates closed beta in the United States on the game’s official <a href="" rel="nofollow">website</a>.</p><p style="">For more on Rise of Incarnates, be sure to catch up with <a href="">our previous coverage</a>.</p><table data-max-width="true"><thead><tr><th scope="col"><em>Emanuel Maiberg is a freelance writer. You can follow him on <a href="" rel="nofollow" data-ref-id="false">Twitter @emanuelmaiberg</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow" data-ref-id="false">Google+</a>.<br /></em></th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td><p style=""><strong><em>Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></em></strong></p></td></tr></tbody></table>

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