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Veteran racing game developer Codemasters today officially announced GRID Autosport, the next entry in the series due to launch June 27 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It’s not coming to Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and that’s because Codemasters did not want to “rush” it, community manager Ben Walke said.

“Regarding next-gen, ultimately it comes down to a few things. The first is that we genuinely want our first next gen outing to be something really great, we don’t want to have to rush and only put out a handful of tracks,” he said on NeoGAF. “We’ve got 22 locations in Autosport, the bulk of those are real world circuits, would all those have made it if we were to support next gen? Doubtful.”

“Secondly, we’re working our tech for next-gen now, as such, we’re not quite ready. Again, we don’t want to rush,” he added. “Thirdly, after GRID 2 we sort of had something to prove, we wanted to leave the ‘old gen’ with a bit of a bang so to speak.”

GRID Autosport is described as an “authentic” racing game. In the lengthy announcement post on Codemasters’ website, Walke admitted that GRID 2 strayed too far away from its core fanbase for some aspects.

“While we were patching GRID 2 and releasing new content, we were busy gathering feedback. We devoured the comment threads under articles about GRID 2 on gaming websites, took stock of our reviews, and of course, digested all the comments on our social channels and forums where we received direct feedback,” he said. “It’s this feedback that helped create GRID Autosport. With GRID Autosport we had the opportunity to make a much more focussed motorsport game.”

The blog post also touches on the handling mechanics for GRID Autosport. Walke says “it’s definitely not a full simulation,” noting that it should feel “authentic, not clinical.” GRID Autosport will include five “disciplines,” and each has their own unique style and feeling. On top of this, every discipline has a number of dedicated series within them, so that “you don’t just get five broad experiences, but also different racing experiences within those styles.”

Finally, GRID Autosport contains 22 total locations with a combined route list of over 100. Some of these include Hockenheim, Sepang, San Francisco, Jarama, and Yas Marina. Codemasters points out that there are more circuits in GRID Autosport than there are in GRID and GRID 2 combined. The game also includes Career and multiplayer modes

You can read the full GRID Autosport blog post at the Codemasters website.

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Activision has recruited rapper Snoop Dogg to perform voiceover work for the next Call of Duty: Ghosts downloadable content. As detailed in the video above, the famous rapper’s voice will appear in an upcoming voice pack launching April 22 on Xbox Live with other platforms to follow. The voice pack will sell for $ 3.

Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward wrote the lines for Snoop Dogg, but he says he was able to add his own flair, or “Snoopisms” as he calls them, to the phrases. Some of these lines include “Squad member active: A brother from another mother” and “Homies out the joint. It’s party time.” You’ll also hear his voice say “Don’t stop. Cap ‘em and shank ‘em” and “Ballistic vest ready. Those are some fine-ass threads.”

Here’s what Snoop Dogg had to say about the partnership. “What interests me most about the project is that my voice could be connected with a game that’s so hip and so hood. It says alot. It’s associated with greatness,” he said.

Also on April 22, Activision will launch a “Drill Instructor” voice pack voiced by R. Lee Ermey, who you probably know as the drill sergeant from Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 film Full Metal Jacket. Various character and weapon specialization packs are also launching April 22. You can read about all the new microtransactions coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts at the game’s website.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to video games. He launched his own video game, Way of the Dogg, last year and even paid homage to Pokemon in one of his new music videos. Oh, and there was also that time Ubisoft recruited him for a weird video to announce the release date for Rayman Legends.

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EA Sports UFC will release on June 17, according to a promotional poster spotted by a user on NeoGAF.

If the poster is correct, Electronic Arts’ mixed martial arts game will also include a playable Bruce Lee as a preorder bonus. It seems probable, as EA has also been teasing a “mystery fighter” for the game, and if you’ll look at his partial image on the official website, you’ll notice he’s wearing yellow shorts with a black strip, the same colors of Bruce Lee’s iconic tracksuit from his final movie, Game of Death.

It’s not clear if preordering is the only way to get Bruce Lee. The poster simply states that preordering will get you “instant access to ‘the father of mixed martial arts.’”

EA Sports UFC will launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For more on EA Sports UFC, check out GameSpot’s feature on the game’s level of realism.

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