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(Some Of) The Big Stuff:

According to an Infoscout study, the Xbox One dominated the rival PlayStation 4 on Black Friday in the United States. According to the study, Xbox One made up 53 percent of all consoles sold in stores on Black Friday while the PlayStation 4 came in second 31 percent. The Xbox 360 came in third with 9 percent (giving Microsoft a total of 62 percent of sales), Nintendo Wii U at 6 percent, and PS3 at 1 percent. Which console did you buy on Black Friday?

Another leak out of French publisher Ubisoft this week. A tipster revealed to Kotaku tons of exciting details about 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Victory. The game is set in Victorian Era London, and is said to feature a new grappling hook which could have a huge impact on gameplay in the annualized series. Ubisoft basically confirmed the leak, releasing a statement saying it is disappointed that the non-final assets leaked.

The Other Stuff (Stories We Like, But Didn’t Cover With a Standalone Post):

Asher Vollmer, creator of mobile hit Threes!, this week announced his next game. It’s called Close Castles, and it’s coming to PlayStation platforms such as PS3, PS4, and PlayStation Vita. It’s a cute-looking RTS that aims to fix all the problems with RTSes for consoles. That’s a big promise! You can read more about the game here.

Peter Molyneux of Fable fame has announced that his new mobile game, Godus, is now available for Android devices. If you need a refresher, Godus is a god game in the vein of Populous (which Molyneux created), that tasks players will wielding absolute power to determine the fate of the world’s inhabitants.

Looks like the rumors were right. Chair Entertainment’s epic mobile game, Infinity Blade, appears to be on its way to the Xbox One, at least in China. The first video footage of the Xbox One version arrived this week, showing off how players can use Kinect to control the action. We’re still awaiting official confirmation, but it looks very, very likely at this point.

Microsoft’s open-ended sandbox hit Minecraft this week added an official Dennis the Menace mod. That was a strange sentence to write. It’s an officially sanctioned mod, approved by publisher DC Thomson, and featuring not only Dennis, but also his dog Gnasher, and of course, Dennis’ nemesis, Walter. To learn more, check out the trailer above or read this story from The Guardian.

Could threatening to kill someone online, as is a frequent occurrence on Twitter and other social media platforms, soon lead to real jail time? That’s one of the questions the United States Supreme Court is tackling this week as part of a case stemming from 2010. You can read all about it here.

Hey Red Faction fans, this one’s for you. New series owner Nordic Games–which purchased the game rights from THQ after it collapsed–this week released Red Faction: Guerrilla on Steam. After a month of beta testing, the game is available today through Valve’s digital distribution platform. Of course, Games for Windows Live is no longer required, but Nordic has also added a number of new features, including Steam Trading Cards, achievements for DLC, various stability improvements, and Russian, Polish, and Czech localization. Best of all? It’s on sale now for $ 3.

PC peripheral company Razer announced this week that Gideon Yu, former Facebook and YouTube CFO, has joined the company’s board of directors. Yu is also the co-owner and former president of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers.

Tough times at mid-tier publisher Majesco, as the company has laid off a number of staff following a troubling earnings report just last month. One affected developer is Casey Lynch, who was behind Midnight City, Majesco’s indie publishing arm. We wish all affected staffers the best of luck moving forward.

The Suicide Squad arrived in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham this week, only it’s not called that in the kid-friendly game. In “The Squad” expansion, as Warner Bros. is calling it, a mysterious figure has made its way into the Belle Reve Penitentiary. It’s up to you–playing as Deadshot, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang–to hunt them down. The DLC Is available for $ 3 by itself, or through the Lego Batman 3 DLC pass, which sells for $ 15.

Sony is gunning for a Little Big Planet world record this weekend, and you can help. The publisher is trying to set the official Guinness World Record for most user-generation LittleBigPlanet levels created in a 24 hour period. All you need to do is create a level between December 6 at 3 PM PDT and December 7 at 3 PM PDT to be counted. More information about the world record attempt is available here.

Have a Skylanders fan on your Christmas list? You’re in luck. Video game retailer GameStop has announced a special promotional effort focused around Activision’s popular toys-to-life series. On Saturday, December 6 (that’s today!) you can visit any GameStop store in the US to score the following deals:

  • Skylanders Trap Team starter pack for $ 49.99 ($ 25 off) — Even more savings on the Trap Team Starter Pack for Tablets at $ 39.99 ($ 35 off)
  • Receive a free Skylanders Giants 3-pack when you purchase a Skylanders Swap Force or older starter pack
  • Receive a Trap character for 99 cents with the purchase of any new Trap Master character
  • Access to the GameStop-exclusive Eon’s Elite Whirlwind character. This limited edition character is three times more powerful than other characters, and features one-of-a-kind metallic armor.
  • Purchase the extremely limited Winterfest Lobstar Character
  • Skylanders Mini Comic Fun Packs are just $ 2 each (regularly $ 2.99)

Texas-based developer Robot Entertainment has announced a new partnership with Chinese giant Tencent Games to bring Orcs Must Die! Unchained to China. As part of the deal, Tencent will publish the upcoming PC game, which Robot is called a Tower Defense Online Battle Arena title, or a TOBA. Yes, TOBA.

Just in time for the release of the next Hobbit movie later this month, social game studio Kabam announced this week that is has updated its popular, free-to-play strategy game The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. The update includes the Lake-town Expansion pack, and a Middle-earth Magazine interactive companion app that comes with tips and tricks for the game, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development, and more. The Lake-town Expansion Pack is inspired by Peter Jackson’s movie, and includes new heroes such as Bard and the Lake-town settlement itself. The game’s executive producer, Weiwei Geng, said Kabam “worked very closely” with Warner Bros. to ensure that the game’s depiction of Lake-town accurately resembles what movie-goers will see.

Impressive trailer alert! Sega this week launched a new CGI trailer for upcoming strategy game Total War: Atilla. The impressively produced trailer is called “Red Horse,” but we won’t spoil the reason why. Check out the full trailer above.

Fox and developer Pocket Gems this week announced plans to release a new Night at the Museum game alongside the new movie, Secret Tomb, which arrives the week before Christmas. The officially licensed game is called Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures, and it’s scheduled to launch this holiday for iOS and Android devices. You play as Larry Daley, security guard, who must search for hidden relics, seek out clues, and team up with legendary personalities such as Theodore Roosevelt, Jedediah Smith, and even Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo and electronics giant Philips announced this week that they have resolved their patent dispute. Financial terms of the agreement were not announced, but as part of the announcement, Nintendo and Philips have agreed to a worldwide patent licensing deal. Philips initially claimed that Nintendo copied its patents, seeking damages, a trial, and the removal of the Wii U from sale.

Here is a video showing people in their 50s and 60s player Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I don’t know what else to write here, so I guess you should just go watch the video. Have a great weekend!

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Durch unzählige und attraktive Angebote wird traditionell am Black Friday in den USA das Weihnachtsgeschäft eingeläutet. Daher zählt er als einer der wichtigsten Tagen für den Einzelhandel. Laut den Marktanlysten von Infoscout fiel nur ein Prozent aller verkauften … News


Bundles & Xbox Dominate the Console War

The XBOne dominated Black Friday sales, according to market-research firm InfoScout. Microsoft’s latest system made up 53 percent of all console sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.


It most likely will be a few weeks before we get official sales tracking info on what console did the most sales over the American Thanksgiving long weekend, famously called Black Friday / Cyber Monday, but one market research firm is claiming the Microsoft Xbox One came out as the King of Hill for holiday sales so far.

The Xbox One was on sale for $ 330 at a number of big stores like Target and Walmart, and Microsoft bundled it with big games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Unity. That helped gamers choose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, which was $ 400 bundled with Bungie’s sci-fi shooter Destiny or with the rereleases of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us. 

They claim XB1 got 53% of the Black Friday sales, compare to 31% for Sony’s PS4, and leaving 16% to other consoles.

As shown in the picture above from InfoScout, the poor Nintendo Wii U come in losing Fourth place below Microsoft’s older Xbox 360.

News-Source: Xbox One beats PS4 on Black Friday (via) MaxConsole

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