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Como eu disse no vídeo essa noticia saio ontem eu acho… é sobre a chegada de Slender The Arrival para os consoles do XBOX 360 e PS3(PlayStation 3) com 2 ma…


One of the biggest horror titles that released last year, Slender: The Arrival, is finally coming to consoles to keep thousands of more little Call of Duty players up at night. In return for this gift, PC gamers can look forward to the release of Double Dragon: Neon on Steam, which just means everyone is winning today.

Majesco’s indie publishing company, Midnight City, announced this over the weekend, saying that Slender: The Arrival would be dropping on Xbox LIVE and PSN in the first quarter of this year. At around the same time, Double Dragon will release on Steam. Both titles will cost just $ 10 once they are out.

Midnight City also announced that the console version of The Arrival will feature two new Flashback levels which will become available once the game has been completed. Double Dragon: Neon will also offer online co-op when it lands on PC.

So if you’re a true horror fan and have yet to play the Arrival, then you might not have much of an excuse in a few weeks time. Unless you only have a Wii U.

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Majescos neues Indie-Label Midnight City wird Slender: The Arrival im ersten Quartal 2014 auf Xbox 360 und PlayStation 3 bringen.

Die Konsolen-Versionen sollen auch zwei neue „Flashback-Level” enthalten, die nach Absolvierung der Hauptkampagne freigeschaltet werden.

Die beiden neuen Level spielen vor dem Rest des Spiels und ihr schlüpft darin in die Rolle anderer Opfer des Slender Man.

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