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Sony Online Entertainment’s All Access membership plan, which grants access to many of the company’s MMOs for one price, has once again been delayed, this time until “on or about” April 29.

“We’ve moved the All Access date to April 29th,” states a tweet sent out by SOE president John Smedley. “This is the most complicated change to our billing system ever, so we need to get it 100%.”

The latest update to the official All Access FAQ seems less certain of that date, opting to say the membership is planned for launch “on or about April 29th.” It was originally scheduled to hit earlier this month, but has now been delayed three times.

As first announced in January, All Access takes the place of individual memberships to SOE’s games. For a single $ 15-per-month subscription, players get the highest tier memberships for all “eligible” SOE games on PC, a list which consists of Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, and upcoming MMOs like EverQuest Next and Everquest Next Landmark, in addition to classic titles EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Dragon’s Prophet will also eventually be a part of All Access, but specifics for that game are still being worked out.

In addition to access to the various games, All Access members will receive a monthly allotment of 500 Station Cash (used to purchase various in-game items and bonuses, depending on the game), a 10% discount on marketplace purchases, and the benefits of unspecified promotions that will take place throughout the year. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players will not be able to make use of the All Access pass, save for the 10% marketplace discount.

As is often the case with MMO subscriptions, discounts will be offered to members who opt for long-term plans (with 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans being available). Existing memberships for any of the participating games will be converted into All Access subscriptions once they become available.

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EA’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California

Electronic Arts is yet again in the running for the title of “Worst Company in America” from the recently launched poll arranged by consumer affairs blog The Consumerist. EA was named “Worst Company in America” in 2012 and then again in 2013.

In the first round of this year’s poll, EA is up against Time Warner Cable. The only other game-related company featured in the poll is Xbox maker Microsoft. However, EA is the only company on the list whose businesses operations are focused exclusively on gaming.

Companies featured in the poll were based on reader nominations. The Consumerist did not say what behavior warranted EA’s nomination to the list, but there was significant controversy surrounding the release of Battlefield 4 in October over its widespread technical troubles.

Voting for this year’s Worst Company in America begins tomorrow, March 19. The winner will take home the “Golden Poo” trophy. We’ve reached out to EA regarding their nomination to the poll and will update this story with anything we hear back.

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