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EA’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California

Electronic Arts is yet again in the running for the title of “Worst Company in America” from the recently launched poll arranged by consumer affairs blog The Consumerist. EA was named “Worst Company in America” in 2012 and then again in 2013.

In the first round of this year’s poll, EA is up against Time Warner Cable. The only other game-related company featured in the poll is Xbox maker Microsoft. However, EA is the only company on the list whose businesses operations are focused exclusively on gaming.

Companies featured in the poll were based on reader nominations. The Consumerist did not say what behavior warranted EA’s nomination to the list, but there was significant controversy surrounding the release of Battlefield 4 in October over its widespread technical troubles.

Voting for this year’s Worst Company in America begins tomorrow, March 19. The winner will take home the “Golden Poo” trophy. We’ve reached out to EA regarding their nomination to the poll and will update this story with anything we hear back.

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Microsoft’s Games for Gold offering has been a sick and pale second place horse in comparison to Sony’s race winning pedigree, PS Plus, ever since it was launched. Not only are all the games featured really old and non-relevant anymore, the service is yet to launch for Microsoft’s Xbox One, something which Sony didn’t hesitate to do with their PS4.

Last month things got a little bit better, with Sleeping Dogs being featured for the month, and now February seems to be keeping that trend going. This month Games for Gold users can download Dead Island and Toy Soldiers: Cold War, two games which are still pretty old but are pretty good at least.

Dead Island had a lot of controversy surrounding it before it launched, but the game managed to feel like something fresh and new in the zombie genre, while providing some great fun with its crafting system and first-person zombie violence. It was received well critically and sold more than 5 million copies, two attributes which the sequel, Dead Island: Riptide, wishes it had. The game is now available for download, and will be free up until February 16th.

Note: As our trusty Domzor points out below, Xbox Live ZA members will get Dead Island: Riptide instead of the original. That just made this entire month a little sour. If you still happen to have a foreign Xbox Live account, then you’re still all good.

After that, Toy Soldiers: Cold War will replace it as the new featured free title. Cold War is a sequel to the first Toy Soldiers, and once again puts players in control of a miniature scale strategic war, with famous battles being played out by toy soldiers. The game was also well received when it launched in 2011.

So while it looks like Games for Gold isn’t as shit as it was, say, two months ago, it’s still nowhere near the quality of PS Plus, which this month features BioShock: Infinite, Metro: Last Light and Outlast. Not only that, but Outlast will be free for PS4 users as well, while Xbox One players are still waiting for their first Games for Gold title.

So good work on not sucking so bad this time Microsoft, but you’ve still got mountains to climb.

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