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If you use same password on other forum sites change it asap It seems a group is after the long-time Team-Xecuter site that been Rockin‘ the Xbox Scene since early 2000, and were able to finally ’steal‘ their database and are trying to un-hash their passwords!! Team-Xecuter has been famous for over a decade in […]


Bundles & Xbox Dominate the Console War The XBOne dominated Black Friday sales, according to market-research firm InfoScout. Microsoft’s latest system made up 53 percent of all console sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It most likely will be a few weeks before we get official sales tracking info on […]


Nice update for RGH’ing the Phat Xbox360’s consoles by 15432 15432 over at has released custom firmwares in XSVF format for X360ACE v1/v2 to support RGH2 in fat Xbox 360 consoles. The firmware files can be flashed via JTAG interface. ModRobert over at EurAsia is reporting that 15432 has released a nice update for […]


Get great deals from MCC for all your Xbox 360 modding needs! Even tho the Xbox One is out, the 360 console is still going to be hot-seller this Holiday and best of all the 360 is fully moddable, and MCC has you covered with the latest cool Team-Xecuter gadgets! Team-Xecuter has been rocking‘ the […]


Xbox 360’s with 500GB and FIFA 15 pack are incompatible with RGH Seems Microsoft has released a new Corona motherboard layout that is using a smaller die and new traces and Nand setup, as such it is currently not possible to RGH (mod) these new Xbox 360 consoles! Looks like Microsoft is still improving the […]


XeLL image and XeBuild patches released Russian hacker has released solution for new unglitchable consoles 15432 (Russia) and DrShottky (Italia) have released XeLL images and XeBuild patches compatible with Winbond RAM. Someday I’ve promised to start working at my own Winbond solution, if TX won’t release it soon. I thought, if somebody can do that, […] - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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