Titanfall: Thoughts & SECOND ASSAULT Disappointing !?! – Battlefield 4 (BF4)
Titanfall: Thoughts & SECOND ASSAULT Disappointing !?! – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Titanfall: Thoughts & SECOND ASSAULT Disappointing !?! – Battlefield 4 (BF4) ○ Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! ○ Subscribe for more videos – http://go…

  1. Your welcome for the idea xD

  2. Titanfall: Thoughts & SECOND ASSAULT Disappointing !?! – Battlefield 4

  3. Brink was another game that had a story integrated in the multiplayer.

  4. I wish I was like pewdiepie and could give you a shoutout. Your such a
    great commentator, maybe we could play together one day.

  5. Do u know when naval strike is coming and do u have xbox one

  6. i think this game needs another infantry only map but i hope metro will be
    better then the old metro with choke points.
    but i’m realy looking for this dlc cause all the maps there i love! i would
    appreciated them if they have added noshahr canals because that was my
    favorite TDM map in bf3 and i have a levolution idea for it.
    the crane can fall on the containers and all the containers will be
    destroyed by the crane.

  7. Not on PS4, not interested. The sales numbers seem to indicate that
    Titanlfall 2 will be a multiplat release – provided there is a sequel. For
    Titanfall to be a real COD killer it needs to have a solid infantry-only
    TDM and Dom. From the trailers the maps are a little too big for CODesque
    gameplay and soldier mobility is too high. With thumbsticks on consoles,
    stop and pop is a lot easier to play than run and gun since your aim is
    always imprecise. Good luck to IW though! 

  8. The creators of titanfall are sticking up their middle fingers to
    activision for firing them 

  9. I nvr played any of those maps but in sure they broung them back for next
    gen…like the one with sand storm…I really like the paracel map on bf4
    it caught me off guard but I wonder y more maps don’t change with weather
    or time of day

  10. Titanfall is not on the ps4 do I have to say anything else

  11. thwart are your thoughts on binges upcoming game destiny?

  12. Nice review, and extremely shitty music at the beginning.

  13. Second assault is good I wish they would remake more bf3 maps 

  14. man if titanfalls i will have no choice but wait until black ops 3 comes
    out in 2015 D:

  15. Titanfall can not kill COD untill its released cross consoles and not
    beeing „exclusive“ only. 

  16. what song is playing during the outro? also great video! you just earned
    another sub! :)

  17. first and do you want to play together? if not its cool dude

  18. Dice shoulda did game mode based maps:1 tdm map,1 Cq map,1 rush and 1 which
    was for all

  19. My second assault wishlist:
    1: Metro
    2: Wake Island
    3: Kharg island
    4:alborz Mountain
    Nice vid man, keep it up:)

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