NoVa Betrayed: RUTHLESS – A Battlefield 4 Montage
NoVa Betrayed: RUTHLESS – A Battlefield 4 Montage

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  1. ‚RUTHLESS 2‘ just came out! Check it out here:

  2. Part 3 of RUTHLESS is out, watch it now!

  3. You know you’re a boss when people accuse you of aimbot

  4. 6:50 song name?? AWESOME VIDEOS!

  5. what are you ……… a machine?

  6. what scope is this?

  7. What gun is being used? I just started playing this and the bullets seem
    way slower and bullet drop is crazy when I play.

  8. wich sniper rifle do you prefer in bf4 at this moment?

  9. I wanna see you on ps4 or xbox one its much harder

  10. At 5:54 you get 2 guys with the SRR, a sniper rifle for recon, but then at
    5:58 you pull out the repair tool for engineer. WTF? Hax?

  11. What snuper he uses?

  12. wow
    so good
    dat snipe
    dem skills

  13. the name of the map 6:21?

  14. it’s easy to do these on PC, with the easy aiming and the retarded pc
    players who are not aware of the surroundings, try doing that on console
    and it will be amazing! (not hating just the truth)

  15. please tell me,what is that sniper?

  16. @r w why would some1 use a controller when they have the best thing for
    precision for FPS games, which is a Keyboard and mouse.

    You might as well of said, „it’s all good and all, but I bet u can’t do it
    as easily 1 handed“

  17. Where do you get your enemies, mine are aware of their surroundings and
    don’t stand still XD

  18. I would love to have a mentor for BF4 cuz bushes are my biggest enemy.. i
    cant see shit whenever there’s a bush :/

  19. I want the SRR too ;_;

  20. Nice Montage, would love when you visit my channel, i made a rpg montage a
    few days ago 🙂 Thumbs up!!

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