Battlefield 4 – Beta Multiplayer Gameplay Attack and Transport Helciopter Kills
Battlefield 4 – Beta Multiplayer Gameplay Attack and Transport Helciopter Kills

MY BF4 PLAYLIST: Elgato Game Capture Cards: Playing with the Attack and Transport helicopters in Battlefield 4 beta,…

  1. How do you get attack copters because all I see are little birds

  2. It takes so long to respawn a helicopter now

  3. I think the heatseekers should be nerfed, they pretty much win you any air
    battle; once, I had a 23hp little bird (yes console gamer) and turned
    around shot two heatseekers and a little minigun I survived somehow

  4. Shut your trap. Do you know how much of a pain it is to actually fly with
    no repairs? God damn it. People like you made stingers OP in Battlefield 3.

  5. replying to this while playing… aghhhhhhhhh I crashed :DD!

  6. 1:04 if that doesn’t look beautiful then nothing does. DICE makes a game’s
    backround as a beautiful as the game itself, but those details are for some
    reason less interesting to the community. I hope everyone would just stop
    for a second from the seriousness and enjoy the amazingly detailed game
    with it’s beautiful natural features and outstanding sound-quality.

  7. I can’t play the beta on my pc.. it crashes when it is loading up a game 🙁

  8. Watchin this while playing :DD

  9. you’re cool, i subbed

  10. I know this is a game about teamwork. But it requires no „teamwork“ to have
    2 people in your heli constantly repairing. Having teamwork is this: Get
    disabled, and you’re going down. You land as close as you can to a friendly
    engineer, and he repairs you. Or maybe you land, your buddy gets out,
    repairs the heli, and you take off again. A lot more teamwork required to
    do that than to have two guys constantly repair.

  11. The ability to repair like that on flight should be removed. It ruins the
    game to be honest.

  12. I prefer to play with others, but Battlefield shouldn’t be about „which
    chopper has the most engineers“, it should be about „which pilot is better“.

  13. they are fine on shanghai since you need a constant lock and its not hard
    to go behind a skyscraper, but for flatter maps it may become too good. I
    just hope that if they do balance the weapons they take into consideration
    different map sizes and don’t just balance it for whichever dlc is coming
    out next…

  14. Winter, what do you think of the lock-able RPGs with Lazer help?

  15. There is situations that without people who a ready to repair, you’re not
    going to get a chance to go fly off. You solo scrubs are ridiculous. Just
    because you have no friends to help you on the battlefield you complain and
    try to back it up with a very one sided opinion. Why do you want to remove
    an aspect that has been in almost if not all the battlefield games? 2-3
    people with stingers can take down any helicopter in open air. That I can
    assure you. So quit being anti-social. Fuuuck

  16. Sucks there isn’t an attack or transport chopper on consoles. I’m liking
    the beta so far though. Can’t wait for full game

  17. anyone see this in their subboxes :S ?

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