Xbox One: Kinect Not Required To Play Games But Comes Included In Price
Xbox One: Kinect Not Required To Play Games But Comes Included In Price

Dumb and Dumber, Minecraft Masters of Sky Island Survival maps, mods like Hexxit & Tekkit, and more. Also enjoy custom Zombies in Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead…

  1. Your question still applies, though. If someone can turn off the Kinect,
    why is it required? Inflating the console price.

  2. PS4 does come with an HDMi cable ICY

  3. i want a bundle with xbox one and NO KINECT THEN I WOULD BUY IT!!!! god
    damn microsoft… get it??? we dont want kinect if it was 399$ with no
    kinects we would buy it!!! but NO FUCK IT I GUESS YOU GET NO SALES….

  4. you cant unplug it…. it HAS to be plugged in for the x1 to work, but you
    can put it into a „sleep mode“ but it must be plugged in at all times, its
    waiting for you to say „xbox on“

  5. If it does, what is the point of forcing it with the xbox and jack up the
    price when a lot of people dont want it? Hmmmm….

  6. icy you can’t unplug it but you can turn it off. it will be in a standby
    mode waiting to here xbox! _____ they need to drop that price

  7. the unblog thing is new. I do know that they have big plans for the Kinect
    they put in a patent to track how many people are watching a movie that
    they rent on xbox live.

  8. LMFAO So they going to hire millions of employees to spy on you? Why would
    they do that when Your internet/phone providers know what your doing on
    your internet 24/7 and have ALL YOUR PHONE RECORDS And you think they
    wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make 300 million bribe from the NSA? LOL

  9. =| Oh well that makes me just want to cancel my PS4 pre-order and move it
    to the One Box. It’s like getting a free Kinect. But anyways… It’ll be
    funny if Kinects only worked with the Box it shipped with. That way people
    couldn’t sell them off.

  10. Love my 360 and want xbox1 but if it comes with kenict I won’t buy it.

  11. i dont think the government can afford to get the tachnology to spie on us
    from the kinect nicholas

  12. Bah try looking up info before you yap. There is analog av output on at
    least the Sony. Kinect is required to be connected at all times.

  13. Icy likes skyrim 🙂

  14. you’re an idiot. wake up. they want to spy on you. it’s a fact stop being
    in fucking denial

  15. they already showed bf4 running on 7990’s lol, plus the games were running
    lowest possible settings on the laptops lol

  16. icy you forgot is only the the xbox with the hdmi only on the ps4 you can
    your both like the ps3 soo you dont relly need a hdmi for the ps4 if you
    dont have it sorry about my bad English

  17. If MS was smart then they’d decide to have the regular $500 kinect bundle
    and a $350 regular bundle without kinect.

  18. I thought someone would’ve come to the conclusion already, “ Why do they
    force this on us „.. Why?.. LOL.. .. it’s like someone telling you “ I
    force you to do this “ and you ask why?..

  19. Its a shame how people say Nintendo is always behind everyone else yet they
    are the only ones actually bundling their console with an HDMI cable…

  20. well fucking duhhh every single console in history was a computer at some
    point..all consoles are just computers in boxes with extra features

  21. Exactly! I don’t care about their spy camera and those games that use it!
    It’s retarded!!!

  22. HEY ICY they don’t need to confirm its HDMI only.there are pics of all the
    ports on both consoles. PS4=2 usb, 1 HDMI, 1 Optical 1 lanport and 1
    aux(for ps eye) XBOXone= 3 usb ,2 HDMI 1optical,1 Kinect port,1 gigabit
    lanport 1 unknown port nothing there for any av cables.

  23. just make a bundle without the kinect microsoft

  24. yea but it was running on a nividia gxt card a very powerful graphic which
    the xbox does not use forgot to put that in my comment.

  25. Go read ps4 terms and c how much privacy ul have whit that if it even works
    for ya

  26. YouAlwaysWin, You do know that Microsoft is in the governments pocket,
    right? This is why the kinect is so dangerous. Bet your ass MS has
    something cooking with The NSA through the Kinect.

  27. Perfect example why I’m getting the PS4.

  28. Why is it assumed someone has something to hide if they want privacy? I
    dont have a damned thing to hide, but that doesnt mean I want a fucking
    camera in my living room monitoring me and my family 24/7. You people
    better get your head out of your asses and soon.

  29. Rbber gloves n no lube?! Dont tempt me w/ a good time govt! xD

  30. that is why im NOT getting a xbox 1

  31. I think is Stupid but for kids saving of talking to bad people it be good
    to catch them… Let of sick people out there so yeah is good but for me is
    stupid they have too…

  32. They must not give too much of a shit if I can still torrent my games, etc.

  33. so youre saying its ok for them to monitor everything you do in your room?

  34. That’s if Microsoft doesn’t make it mandatory. Yes they said it won’t be
    mandatory anymore, but you never know. Corporations lie all the time.

  35. This is why you cover the cam with paper and point it at a wall.

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