XBOX 360 spiele
XBOX 360 spiele

Die spiel sind voll geil und die machen voll bock.

Over 200 Kinect voice commands are coming to Skyrim on Xbox 360, a handful of which are on show here. Free Kinect Update this April 2012 and DLC’s comes next…

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  1. Oh Lord!

  2. Hmmm..i guess your right ..blocking him for no reason was pathetic
    …*UBLOCKED HIM* ..but there is another guy .who replayed to my comment
    and called me idoit and loser ..go play your childish game ..if you dont
    DLC ..Then ok . it you chose ..but other people whats DLC ..!

  3. kinect features for an elder scrolls game…the world is ending after all…

  4. 1.Say to a female “cloths out“ 2.???? 3.Profit 4.Fappin

  5. Wauw, you must be older than 12 to be able to react so mature =)

  6. skyrim… kinect… skyrim for kinect….WTF? holy mother of god i love it

  7. Bei mir funzt alles, bis auf die schreie. UND JA, ich weiß, dass man
    entewder RB und dann auf Drache, oder einfach so auf deutsch sprechen muss.
    hat wer ne ahnung, warum? Braucht man ne spezielle Lautstärke?

  8. Ohhh Myyy Godddd!!…. All those times I sniped someone with an arrow
    between the eyes from across a courtyard, all those times I blasted someone
    in the back with incinerate as they ran in fear, all the times I used fire
    storm to wipe out 6 guards as they surround me, that all could have looked
    so, much, COOLER!! It’s alright though, I’m sure they will make a Shivering
    Isles like DLC and I can try out all these cool moves then. Or just watch a
    video of all the new moves…

  9. no that was 1.5, this update comes out at the end of the month

  10. Who cares about Kinect …WE WANT DLC!!!

  11. I still don’t see the justification in your comment. Why not just say if
    this was made for PC as an extra add-on, you would be more for it. You came
    to XboxViewTV page to call Xbox a pile of shit compared to pc. Like come
    on.The capabilities of a pc usually do far outweigh consoles,
    understandable. Yet your comment..


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