„Titanfall controller“,Xbox One.
„Titanfall controller“,Xbox One.

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  1. Looks like a nice controller. ENJOY

  2. Now that looks BOSS

  3. I want one know! I cant wait for titan fall

  4. Glad you got it Ms K. Make sure to play the TitanFall Beta. Amazing! 

  5. why you messing with this titanfall lmao come on gurl 

  6. You buy a lot of games!

  7. Uh oh!!! Nice Ms K!!!

  8. I’m buying Titanfall for the xbox360 

  9. you just have earned yourself a new sub 🙂 keep it up!

  10. Dope controller!!! This game is addicting and great. Pretty much the reason
    I picked up a X1. 

  11. also to watch tv while gaming? Hell ps4 really hasnt even shown the
    controller so who knows

  12. End score : playstion – 4 and xbox – 1

  13. I have an xbox but im getting the ps4!!!!!

  14. The touch screen looks really cool on the PS4. But I think it’ll be more of
    a gimmick then anything. The Xbox controller looks really ergonomic and
    comfortable. I honestly think for longer gaming sessions the xbox wins.
    When I use my PS3 for a long time my hands start to cramp and that never
    happens with the xbox. But, they are cool in their own right. But after all
    is said and done, I think I’m going with the Xbox controller.

  15. If the ps4 controller is bigger than the ps3 one, i like the ps4

  16. Playstation 4 controller!

  17. Playstation Controller!

  18. They said something about move at Sony’s conference? They show’d it off

  19. hehe thanks bro it tool over a year but well worth it

  20. lol its the same ad my youtube ( iKmRni )

  21. i like evrything about PS4 but the xbox 1 are focusing more on freaking tv
    and sports than gaming so i prefer PS4 it has alot of awesome exclusive

  22. Ps4 Ikrmai do u have ps4

  23. Let the console wars begin. XD

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