DJ Borisenko at Wasabi Haloween party 31.10.2013
DJ Borisenko at Wasabi Haloween party 31.10.2013

via YouTube Capture.

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  1. 2:45 it sounds as if they are having sex

  2. Simon is better

  3. Simons better than you

  4. Nice vid keep it up

  5. Simon is better than you

  6. whos in the USA and UK

  7. twitter name “ i suck at fifa “ thts how bad u are cmon u couldn’t beat ur
    own fiance 2 lol

  8. Simons better than you

  9. Simon is better than you

  10. Simons better than u

  11. simon’s better than you

  12. Simons better lool

  13. Simons better than you

  14. Simons better than u

  15. Simon’s better than you.

  16. Wow Fangs. Simon is good but c’mon, you lost 5 in a row. You need to
    improve so you can eventually win something

  17. simons better than you

  18. Simion is bettet than you
    Jj(KSI) is way better than u

  19. Simon wins 3 goals in the last 10 mins spoiler

  20. Simon is better than you.

  21. The next punishment should be to play with all bronze

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