Xbox One No Longer Coming With A Standard Headset
Xbox One No Longer Coming With A Standard Headset

For the past two generations now, Microsoft has offered chat headsets with all their consoles. Sure, the headsets were uncomfortable and really cheaply built, but they allowed you to chat and communicate online from day one, unlike Sony who never included a mono microphone in both the PS2 and PS3. And let’s not get started on that little earpiece they released for the console a few months afterwards.

But again this generation of consoles seems to change things up. We already know Sony is going to include a very minimalistic mono headset with the PS4, and Xbox fans were expecting to see the re-designed mono headset included with the console as well. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, as Microsoft have confirmed that the headset they’ve been advertising lately will not come standard with the Xbox One.

Instead, Microsoft points to Kinect, saying that the “highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences.” Sure, that’s true, Kinect does fill in for online communication, but I can just see the fury of those already unhappy with the Kinect requirement just about boiling over now.

Microsoft have said that the headset will be available at launch, and laughably calls the device a “must have accessory”. Not nice Microsoft, not nice.


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