Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 28 Apr — 4 May
Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 28 Apr — 4 May

We’ll just call this Star Wars week, because we all know Disney will start doing that at some point. We may have slacked a little bit on Facebook this week so instead of a top 5, this week will comprise the top 4 posts along with a bonus one. That still makes five but I’m an engineer in training, we like our mathematics complex.

Here’s what happened on the eGamer page this week.


4 — Soldier Flipping

For those times when flipping a table just won’t cut it. Or tables just aren’t readily available.

Link to thread.

3 — Always-On

Incentivisation is a strong ally of the Dark Side. Also, why do Americans love pepperoni so much? It’s just sausage, right? Big deal.

Link to thread.

2 — May The 4th

Star Wars Day, in celebration of the day the Rebels took down the Empire.

Link to thread.

1 — Gaming Accessories

I heard McDonald’s is now offering gaming peripherals with their burgers.

Link to thread.


Crazy Yoda with a knife, he must’ve gotten into Han’s cargo hold.



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