No New Star Wars Titles Until 2014
No New Star Wars Titles Until 2014

Despite the rather exciting (or dreadful) news of EA acquiring exclusive rights to publish future Star Wars titles yesterday, the publisher has announced it’s titles for this fiscal year, and not one Star Wars title is on that list. EA executive chairman Larry Probst confirmed this in an earnings call yesterday.

Probst, stepping in until EA finds a new CEO, confirmed that none of the publisher’s EA titles are releasing during this fiscal year, which ends in March next year. This means that the earliest date for a new Star Wars title is little under a year away, sitting in April 2014.

It was confirmed yesterday that at least three EA studios are busy on three different Star Wars titles. Although none of the games have been revealed, the developers behind them have, with DICE, BioWare and Visceral Games all working on their own Star Wars project.

These titles will most probably be revealed during the publishers E3 conference, so start getting excited.


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