Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Wii U) | Hard Difficulty Mode Guide Walkthrough | Day 1
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Wii U) | Hard Difficulty Mode Guide Walkthrough | Day 1

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge played on Hard difficulty mode! Guide Playlist URL: This…

  1. NG2 is easier on the hardest setting.

  2. So I heard that Razors edge on the WiiU was so hard they had to tone it down, and in that case I was wondering, what do you think is the hardest, Razors edge or NG2?

  3. interesting that if you go balls to the wall and the guy spots you still get the ghost kill bonus

  4. @VirusRonsen82 Why announce it?

  5. dislike :)

  6. I’m having a good time playing this waiting for Bayonetta 2 to come out. Since this is my first Ninja gaiden experience it will probably take me some time to finish it.

  7. Another reason I decided I would rather play Razor’s Edge on the PS3 is that Team Ninja clearly understands that system’s architecture and should be able to work very well within that development infrastructure.

    At least it shouldn’t be any WORSE than the Wii U iteration of the game, and hopefully they will FIX THE LAG AND FRAMERATE DROPS that still plagued the so called „upgraded“ vesion.

    Hopefully we will also get 60fps, but with this game I’m not holding my breath. Still love Team Ninja.

  8. I kept my Wii U but sold Razor’s Edge the day that I found out it was headed to the PS3. I would rather have all three games on the same system. Plus I got rid of my Vita, even though I loved it, because I could clearly see there would be no games worth being excited for in 2013. If they drop the price of the system and the memory cards I will get the Vita again when games are out for it.

    I put the money from my Vita sale towards the God of War PS3 super slim bundle coming out next week.

  9. alright cool, i’m trying to get a wii u soon, but i’m definitely planning on investing in a ps4 as well. and as for this month tomb raider, naruto ultimate ninja storm 3, that is what i this i’m getting this month, this tuesday as a matter fact. this year the last of us, and beyond two souls. i see you did heavy rain guides so you must be looking forward to beyond two souls, i can’t wait for that game it looks like it’s gonna be incredible

  10. Razor’s edge is coming out for the ps3 and 360 in april. No, I’m not getting a wii u again. There’s so many games coming out this month and this year, and i’ll be getting a ps4. 🙂

  11. i beat ninja gaiden 2 already, i need something to play on wii u, plus i missed out on ninja gaiden 3, and i love n gaiden so i think i have to play this one. are you gonna get a wii u again when more games come out or no?

  12. SOld it because I didn’t like it much…all it had to offer was this game. I had fun playing the game, but it’s a piece of shit compared to NG2–it really is. The engine is horrible. Get NG2 or SIgma 2.

  13. you sold your wii u why? i’m about to get one and get razors edge, so there really is no health management system that sounds stupid, but all in all razors edge is a good game right?

  14. Hey Bick, I got back on NG3RE today, and still want to get the Kusarigama. I was wondering, can I just run through chapter challenges to grab the scarabs, and how many do I need? THANKS!

  15. Don’t have the console anymore. It served its purpose w/ this game.

  16. Benedict you should probably invest in a nyko pro commander, if you dont know what it is look it up.

  17. Is there more than one weapon and more than one ninpo in this version.

  18. master benedict this is master dragonjedi i have beaten every ninja gaiden ever even the nes ones ngs and ngs2 r my fav’s is this game up to same standards i worry bout wasteing money after ps3 360 versions

  19. Thanks for this guide man ! It really helps me up !

  20. I Looove how u play, I’m taking alot of tips from you, im not doing so bad, has to be said… i am a Kasumi player though lol xxx

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