Bioshock Infinite – Walkthrough/Gameplay – Part 6 [Gatling Gun] (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)
Bioshock Infinite – Walkthrough/Gameplay – Part 6 [Gatling Gun] (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)

This is Part 6 of my Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Walkthrough. Booker and Elizabeth finally make it to the Zeppelin to escape Columbia! I’m playing Bioshock In…

  1. Your videos just makes my work day brighter.


  3. Frankie. You wonderful man you. You never seize to amaze. Youre able not only to spot another player on the other side of chernarus, one pixel high, you can tell what kinda optics he’s got on his gun and the serial number on the side. But a 200 foot barge floating in front of your face? Nope:-) missing a lot of loot and story bits by walking straight past them there mate. Still, awesome videos as always, keep it up! youre the man!

  4. Try to up tain one

  5. ben remind me of the iron gaint.. and frankies the kid.

  6. Frankie: „this is the ladies!“ *staring at a urinal*
    Me: *facepalm*

  7. we’re gonna be best fuends foh evah!

  8. Lol i just started watching this and i thinked it looked like she fell in ep 3 and now you actually said that she did

  9. Called George Washington Ben facepalm

  10. how often to these people poop xD LOL

  11. try the carbine out, once fully done up is amazing

  12. loving your relationship with elisabeth.

  13. Dear FRANKIE have you ever considered playing horror games and maybe you could do one just for for a special thing like when you get to a certain amount of subscribers

  14. 8:45 Elizabeth = honey badger. they both just dont give a fuck.

  15. 15:04 for FaZe Frankie’s new Montage

  16. well they were lying

  17. Frankie I’m so glad you’re doing a walkthrough of The Last of Us! I’m so pumped for that game xD!

  18. Frankie, you make this game awesome just sayin

  19. DayZ should be up in 2 or 3 days.

  20. Frankie: What the hell do you keep injecting me with?
    Elizabeth: Heroine.

  21. Lol Frankie knows about DBZ 😀

  22. I already finished the game I just enjoy the commentary 😀

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