Bioshock Infinite – Walkthrough/Gameplay – Part 5 [Bolt-Action Sniper] (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)
Bioshock Infinite – Walkthrough/Gameplay – Part 5 [Bolt-Action Sniper] (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)

This is Part 5 of my Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Walkthrough. To escape Colombia by Zeppelin, Booker and Elizabeth need to find a power cell, which is being h…

  1. Sure I was wrong about that and you can agree that Latin was MASSIVE influence, but what nobody understands is my question, why is it if you learn Latin you can pick apart all languages? Nobody answers my question? The whole „Norman“ thing wasn’t my problem it was vicvance’s problem argue with him about that. Basically I have been proven right AGAIN.

  2. I was waiting for someone to notice 😛

  3. sorry to be a dick but… *has

  4. 3:54

    WHAT HE SAYS: When I’m gone, all that will be left is a lie.

    WHAT HE MEANS: When I’m gone, all that will be left is a cake.

  5. Sorry, missed some plurals. *Normans *lectures

    Also, I THINK that’s what Romance languages are. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  6. Not „all languages.“ All Western European languages, perhaps, have some Latin connection, but not „all languages.“


    The Anglo-Saxons were conquered by the Norman, who spoke French. French is a Romance language, meaning it derives almost entirely from Latin. Thus, as well as derivatives straight from the Romans, we also got it secondhand from the Normans. My Dad’s a history major, and we have enormous lecture. I love it!

  7. The „Roman languages“ you speak of don’t exist. The Romans spoke Latin. Oh, hang on a second, I’m sorry, were you talking about the ROMANCE languages? Pardon me.

  8. they also invented cars and are some of the best ingeneers to date

  9. Are you implying that’s a good thing? If so, that’s kind of, you know, PANTS ON HEAD RETARDED.

  10. and there would be a lot more Jews without them!

  11. Did you read my post? I said they both came from the same thing not one from the other, they are both spin offs of the old language. I said all languages „derives“ from Latin. Why do they say though that if you know Latin you can pick apart all languages?

  12. Very true 🙂

  13. Yes as you see what is happening in the future. It’s not exactly cheating but it’s giving the story away, personally i don’t care.

  14. haha. love these walkthroughs. great commentaries!! „we are not at that stage yet. oh no. I“ve upset her now.“ LOL

  15. that’s your opinion about the best cars that’s probably not true but the other stuff I believe

  16. elizabeth’s abilities don’t hurt her, it was originally planned but it was scrapped.

  17. Germany have done a lot of things –

    Made the first fully automated digital PC.
    They also have a massive role in the air transport.
    They make and design the best cars to date.
    Oh also Germany is the reason why the US Apollo program was successful.

    Please know what your talking about before you comment.

  18. Modern German does NOT come from english! English comes from an old german dialect that changed a lot. Modern german is still a lot closer to that old german! And I never said that german wasn’t influenced by latin. I just said, that it doesn’t come from latin (you said, all languages come from latin, what is just plain wrong).

  19. @TheBossesGaming *example

  20. @uberfreak81 not many games are that good take cod for emaple I think the gameplay in the campaign in shit it’s just run and gun but its still famous 😀

  21. The gameplay isn’t any special, though. Great, but not special.

  22. Hey All, running a competition on my channel if you are interested. Up for grabs is a copy of the Original Bioshcok on PC (Steam Code). All you have to do is check out my channel, LIKE my latest Bioshock Infinite video, send me a personal message saying why you like Bioshock and my channel. Competition closes once 50 entries have been received. Good Luck and enjoy :).

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