Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 10 Mar — 16 Mar
Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 10 Mar — 16 Mar

Oh what a week, as promised our community manager kept things ticking like clockwork inside a digital clock. Our Facebook page saw plenty of activity and it’s been great to log onto Facebook at the end of the day and see so much going on. Am I actually being sincere and appreciative for once? Oh fudge.

Here’s this week’s Facebook 5.


5 — Pac Chart

Pie charts are nice because they display comparative information in a graphically accessible and easy to read manner. If pie charts were for sale, I would’ve just sold one to each of you with that marketing pitch.

Link to thread.

4 — Motivating Link

This is how to motivate someone with bad advice. Take note, children.

Link to thread.

3 — Don’t Go Alone!

A phrase made famous by a friend during break-time soccer matches at school. It’s also pretty handy advice for anybody doing anything anywhere ever. Use the buddy system, save lives.

Link to thread.

2 — Skyrim Pickup Lines

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a nerdy pickup line a month after Valentine’s day. Unless you engrave the name of your beloved onto one of your ribs, that pretty much trumps all.

Link to thread.

1 — ASSassin’s Creed IV: Pirate Stuff

Again with the motivation. Who needs all the rest when you have a mound of gold?

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