Need for speed Most Wanted 2012 Limited Edition – Walkthrough Part 1
Need for speed Most Wanted 2012 Limited Edition – Walkthrough Part 1

ABOUT THIS GAME Developers Criterion Games Fire Monkey (iOS/Android) Publishers Electronic Arts Directors Alex Ward (Creative) Craig Sullivan (Creative) Producers Matt Webster Designers Matt Follett Composers Chris Green Series Need for Speed Engine Chameleon (Modified) Platforms Android iOS Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita Xbox 360 Wii U Release date(s) Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 NA 30 October 2012 AUS 1 November 2012 EU 2 November 2012 JP 15 November 2012 Wii U NA 2013 EU 2013 AUS 2013 Genres Racing, open world Modes Single-player, multiplayer Media/distribution Blu-ray Disc, DVD, download System requirements See marketing and release section

  1. WTF porche faster then aston martin

  2. 1\2012 and 2013 is limited edition?

  3. are you playing it on the wii u?

  4. nah i didnt watch ful video just was watching the first shot then i closed so i didnt realized it until u told me so

  5. U rlly suck at this game

  6. I appreciate you for not talking =P

  7. no, in the settings at 2:54 it says xbox 360 controller for WINDOWS. who is the idiot now, huh? and at 0:06 it says press shift + f1 to open origin. don’t see those keys on consoles, do you, huh?

  8. lool rnt u a idiot its pc lollz

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