Minecraft (Xbox 360) Hunger Games w/ Subscribers Ep.4
Minecraft (Xbox 360) Hunger Games w/ Subscribers Ep.4

Message me on xbox to play with me next week! ▻ Twitter: Fr0sty4fterBurn ▻ GT: Fr0sty4fterBurn Extra: Minecraft Xbox 360: Seeds Minecraft Xbox 360: New Seeds…

  1. Fr0sty4fterBurn

  2. Whats your gt.?

  3. Can I join u I like or videos

  4. quite enjoyed this one cause i dont know what happened because im usally in them

  5. Sure send me a msg on xbox

  6. Can I please join.? Love your vids

  7. There is a lot of people trying to get in maybe

  8. Sure bro

  9. So frosty Am i going to be in the next one again ?

  10. can i play with you i have a cool map my gamertag is Water Flame1

  11. can I be in the next hg next week and if I am do you want to team with me?

  12. Thanks bro

  13. nice video dood keep it up

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