Kinect: The Gunstringer – Exclusive First Look Debut Trailer | HD
Kinect: The Gunstringer – Exclusive First Look Debut Trailer | HD

First exclusice announcement trailer for the Xbox 360 Kinect game The Gunstringer. More deatials coming soon. PRE-ORDER „Kinect: The Gunstringer“ NOW – Comin…

  1. in park 1:28

  2. hahahah he has a fake wood horse

  3. kinect is great if you like canser

  4. I’m not feelin it.

  5. wii is here?

  6. at 0:44
    guy breaks keyboard for computer

  7. I care not for Kinect or the „new“ xbox, but has anyone ever noticed how much tyhe Gunstringer looks like the skeleton version of the Nemesis ( /watch?v=dv48CEAyDfA )? Just sayin’…

  8. Lol…. kinect has too much lag….. Move and the wiimote plus are more precise… and they’re taking fun of them XD

  9. This game deserves a lot more hype!

  10. i’m sure they worked around it. they didnt rly do anything bad to the wii and ps3 controllers and the keyboard is probably just bland enough not to be acknowleged as an apple product

  11. another fanboy trailer.

  12. dude video game companies used 2 do this all the time -.-

  13. can’t wait but will it be on disc or bought through Microsoft points ??? also I love how they’ve brought comic jumper’s game play of switching between 2 and 3 d 🙂

  14. Honestly, this might be the main reason to get a Kinect for me. I’ve been reluctant to get one as the TV my 360’s in is in a cluttered, small, room- but Twisted Pixel’s been pretty inventive so far.

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