“It’s Important To Mislead People” Says Kojima
“It’s Important To Mislead People” Says Kojima

Hideo Kojima is an incredible game designer, bringing us titles such as The Metal Gear franchise, Zone of the Enders and more. He’s also a massive troll, in the sense of the word, with misleading and teaser filled trailers and leaks to his games, often leaving the world second-guessing themselves over what exactly he’s trying to show us. And apparently, it’s important for the industry.

Speaking to Edge, Kojima said tat trailers nowadays are becoming too predictable, and that misleading trailers and leaks are what makes games interesting when players finally get their hands on them.

“I do think it’s important to leave hints, but, in a sense, I think it’s important to mislead people with hints because I think if something’s too predictable then it’s no longer fun. I think that’s the problem with many Hollywood sequels; you get exactly what you expect.”

“But what I want to do, is make people look forward to a game by watching the trailers and say “‘Hey, that looks great.’ But then, when they actually play it, they have this sort of epiphany where they realise ‘Oh, so that’s what that was,’” he added. “And it all kind of comes together and clicks in their head. I think that’s very important that you leave some sense of discovery for the player.”

This comes as a response to a question regarding Kojima’s involvement in The Phantom Pain, a game that was shown off at the VGA’s last year. It is widely believed that the trailer is an elaborate cover up for Metal Gear Solid 5, with the protagonist resembling Big Boss in more ways than one.

As you can see, even Kojima’s response misleads everyone. Does this mean he’s working on The Phantom Pain or is he just commenting on how misleading trailers are something the industry needs more of? I tend to agree with his logic on this topic, but that doesn’t mean I want every trailer from no on to be completely ambiguous. A little “truthful” information sometimes goes a long way as well.


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