IGN News – Xbox ‚Durango‘ Requires All Games to be Installed
IGN News – Xbox ‚Durango‘ Requires All Games to be Installed

Valve announces early access! http://bit.ly/1018oxp The screens, which IGN sources have verified as accurate, confirm a number of rumored features of the nex…

  1. I got 1 question, the games will be used only once? or we can still selling and sharing them.

  2. Way to put a positive spin on what I thought was really shitty news. Congress should hire you that way they could get people to pay high taxes and get those people to smile and say thank you.

  3. Maybe… We won’t know until they confirm it; but like I said – I’ll remain optimistic. 🙂

  4. yeah and goodbye used games

  5. so true those 2000 dollar computers!

  6. stickin to the 360.

  7. Ha, GAY!!!!

  8. I know, that’s why im a Real gamer.

  9. Well, Fuck Off then, as I don’t give a rats arse about what you have to say, as „Mightn’t“ IS a word..

    You start an argument over nothing, obviously thinking you’re all that and then some & never give up.. You are becoming a nuisance & wasting my time…

  10. I don’t care about winning the argument I just don’t know why you’re being such a bitch over such a simple matter. Why are you still doing the“…“, it makes no sense!

    Im not a punk so therefore it makes no sense to call me one. Again bursting out in anger and calling names like a five year old just proves how immature you are.

    This is not about „winning“ its about understanding! What reason do you have to spew such impudent and false statements about me?!

  11. If you are in college now, you should bloody know not to say;
    SixthAllicard 22 hours ago

    „Mightn’t isn’t a word“

  12. You are the one that is bitching, you Ignoramus Little Punk… You tried to correct me on a contracted word in the English Dictionary, and even stated, you knew nothing about it.. So, Bugger Off already, as you are winning no argument here..

  13. That’s nice, in the end you’re still a lonely virgin nerd.

  14. You should take your own advice and quit bitching. What is this fixation you have about school? I’m in college now so I don’t need to go back to school because i’m still in school also what’s with the constant „….“ in every comment? Lol, its like your thinking to yourself or trying to say something in some egotistical manner. Trust me I know you’re conceited so you don’t have to put any emphasis on that. All I know is that I was just correcting one thing and you started to fly off the handle.

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