Hunger Games w/Subscribers #19 | HEROBRINE CITY GAMEPLAY | TU7 MineCraft Xbox
Hunger Games w/Subscribers #19 | HEROBRINE CITY GAMEPLAY | TU7 MineCraft Xbox

To get into the next Hunger Games: —- Follow me on Twitter: @legendxtaz for all things MineCraft Xbox +Maker –…

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  2. Taz was humming Notre Dame haha

  3. vile shift has the same world

  4. I’ll play

  5. I’ll play

  6. Hey guys! Whats up? I will be hosting multiple hunger games on my xbox server. The one catch is you have to build everything you want like in survival mode. If you interested add me on xboxand send me a message saying hunger games. Gamertag… iTzLongdon14

  7. I’m going to friend you in Xbox 360 my account is XBL Chris 360

  8. im going to friend u

  9. i finished my xbox 360 hunger games map if any one wants to play just check out my latest video on how to join thx

  10. I wont to be your frned

  11. I wonet to play the map

  12. golds better than leather

  13. What’s your gamertag my is roguered54

  14. Gold is better than leather

  15. forreal your fucking stupid it all originated from the pc abandoned cities? Besides who gives a shit as long as your having a good time thats all that matters.
    -GreatMinecraftBuilds(Builder of Herobrine City) (:

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