Halo 4 Epic Maps Episode 7 – Star Wars Battlefront
Halo 4 Epic Maps Episode 7 – Star Wars Battlefront

A Halo 4 podcast series dedicated to showing off the best maps in Halo 4 .Every map featured on the show is available for download so you and your friends can also play on (Halo 4 Epic Maps) Gamma Labs: (Check out GFuel) www.gammagamers.com GET OFF WITH OFFER CODE – TEG7 ————————- Subscribe And Never Miss An Episode: www.youtube.com Like Us On Facebook ► tinyurl.com Follow Us On Twitter ► twitter.com Visit The Official Store! ► teamepiphanystore.spreadshirt.com ————————- Halo 4 Map Download: Download From „Cen45“ Fileshare

  1. Stop talking to much in your videos

  2. wtf, i wanted to watch a video about a forge map and ended up watching a video of duchebags talking to much and never starting the game.

  3. That’s freaking awesome.  O.O

  4. No. My friend made it, and guess what, his name is Cen, so stfu.

  5. For gods sake dumbass, check your audio levels!!

  6. Ummm, I’l need to check but I’m pretty sure my friend Blue Frost and his buddy made this.

  7. You guys stall to much

  8. No, you can download it on the fileshare. Look at the description to see what to look up.

  9. anyone add me on xbox
    my gt: y3llowmustang55

  10. Subs would be valued! U wont regret it!

  11. Plz do more mad lips!!!! U guys r awesome 😉

  12. 9:00 is when the gameplay starts

  13. Do you like buy this map or something

  14. Ya I know. Well at least the is epic :D.

  15. Well actually if you look close on the Mantis there is one jump thruster on each Heel and one on the tip of the torso armor plating. Why they chose to use those for detail instead of an actual use is both confusing and frustrating.

  16. :D. At least they should of put a giant mounted thruster pack on the Mantis. That would of been epic.

  17. Hornet was Halo 3 only and the Falcon was Halo Reach specific. I agree with you, the Hornet rocks.

  18. about 20 minutes i would guess

  19. Jeez how long did it take to upload this?

  20. If you had the option, i bet you would put ads too. They make YOU money for having them on YOUR video


  22. HEY TEAM EPIPHANY! Bigfan Love your maps, including this one. Just about crapped myself when I first played it, epic. I made a Star Wars Battlefront map I want you to see. I’m not saying download it, I’m not saying play it, You don’t even have to like what you see, All I ask is you check out the vid of game play my friend made for his channel (It’s the most recent video I „Favorited“). Keep the sweet games coming! Me and my buddies look forward to them

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