Game Fails: GTA IV „A well earned golf clap“
Game Fails: GTA IV „A well earned golf clap“

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  1. Loving the headbanging ;D

  2. You need fuel to turn a bike?

  3. As you can see by the fact that the motorcycle bled, it was running blood rather than gasoline. That can’t fuel motorcycles so he clearly had to have been moving the motorcycle by moving it like that. He crashed because he couldn’t turn or use the brakes without fuel. All of the win was caused by his deal with the devil that involved putting blood in a motorcycle for no reason.

  4. Ha Ha white people are burglars too 😀


  6. Now THAT’S what I call „Parkour“.

  7. Your friend has bowel problems. Maybe he ingests to many artificial dyes. I’m gay and I do not shit rainbows. Although one time I did eat to many skittles and puked a rainbow XD

  8. What if my gay friend does shit rainbows? He shat green diarreah two days ago, and yesterday he shat a red brick, seems like it’s gonna turn out to be a rainbow to me :>

  9. Not all burglars are black. I find that offensive to many of my friends. Next your gonna say gays shit rainbows 😛

  10. At the beginning, that guy was TOTALLY listening to dubsteb.

  11. But will it blend?

  12. @spoogeling lmao

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