Dragon Ball Z for Kinect – X360 – Become a Super Saiyan!!
Dragon Ball Z for Kinect – X360 – Become a Super Saiyan!!

Featuring iconic characters, famous attacks, and epic battles authentically created from the original manga series, Dragon Ball Z For Kinect™ lets players un…

  1. Ocean Productions? They didn’t have a say in the matter… Funimation Entertainment HIRED Ocean for their voice work, ADR, and script writing. That’s all they did. Funimation’s Barry Watson was the man in charge of direction, names, pronunciation, casting, et cetera.

    Please understand that Saiyan isn’t even something that began in 1996. It had been spelt that way in Japan long before Funimation came around. And the pronunciation is meant to be [sahy-yuhn] (or close). Why does that anger you??

  2. What?? Excuse me, but where did YOU take Japanese then? I think you should know what you’re talking about before you decide to tell people who’s right and who’s wrong. -_-

  3. I meant radish. Just the Saiyan names are from vegetables. When did I say ALL names came from vegetables? :p Gohan was born on Earth, plus he was named after his father’s adoptive grandfather.

  4. Saiyan names are based on vegetables, not all DBZ characters. But that guy you replied to is dead wrong about the pronounciation of saiyan, clearly he doesn’t know any japanese.

  5. cant get over 1:07

  6. What type of vegetable is called a raditz? Plus, not all DBZ names are from vegetables. Gohan is rice in Japanese, and Piccolo is a instrument. Plus, Hercule’s family are somewhat devil-related. Mr.Satan and Videl unscrambled.

  7. I feel so embarrassed for that kid right now lol

  8. Well if you like 3 hours of quicktime event campaign.
    That’s it, nothing more and I’m sure you will like this game.

  9. why are ther so many bad reviews on this? seriously it looks pretty good in my opinion.

  10. i would not destroy my tv

  11. Does it matter? They still say it wrong.

  12. 1:24 for destroyed… no… OBLITERATED BEYOND AN ATOMIC SPARK OF EXISTENCE… childhood.

  13. This is worse than the videos I the people actually trying to become a super saiyan

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