Black Ops 2 Zombies – NUKETOWN ZOMBIE MAP!!!!
Black Ops 2 Zombies – NUKETOWN ZOMBIE MAP!!!!

Let’s get a LIKE for Nuketown Zombies 24/7 in Black Ops 2! • Subscribe for more! • Link to the Facebook Page: Well, now that the Black Ops 2 campaign and multiplayer marketing has come out, it’s about time we start getting information about ZOMBIES! It’s not quite a trailer, but this is just the start! • FREE NetFlix Trial: • Twitter: • Facebook: • G2PO: • NGTZombies: • NGTMinecraft: • WebofSpiderBite: • NGTGames: • NGTChallenges: Tags: COD bo2 „black ops 2“ nuketown „welcome to nuketown zombies“ „there goes the neighborhood“ waw „Call of Duty“ „world at war“ nazi zombies Call of Duty black ops world at war bo2 nacht Der untoten Storyline haxington post the Last stand NextGenTactics „The Nazi Zombies Story“ Coop co-operative co-op PC

  1. Goodia for zombies post a poll on facebook or twiiter and have a vote top 3 or 5 should go into bo2 and they should bring out nuketown zombies map for 800 microsoftpoints like so he can see this

  2. gameshare

  3. i pre orderd the game because i thougt i would get nuketown zombies. not nuketown multiplayer. >:d

  4. Where are the videos explaining the story about the zombies and the characters, not the development of the actual game? Anyone know how to help?

  5. yep, and Nuketown zombies is AWESOME.

  6. thanks for this 😀


  8. May I download it from psn without having season pass ?? Plzzz answer

  9. Will it be on psn after the maintenance update thing?

  10. It comes out on the seventeenth.

  11. that makes a lot of sense.

  12. It’s alright I am not payin extra for live, batteries, external hard drives, replacements because of the red ring of death. So ya I will wait thanks

  13. Nuketown zombies comes out for ps3’on 1-12-13 which is saturday so i guess just wait and yea hahaa

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