Watch US Netflix in UK Canada and Europe 2013 Tutorial PS3 || DreadlockGamer
Watch US Netflix in UK Canada and Europe 2013 Tutorial PS3 || DreadlockGamer

for Xbox 360 Click Here: How to watch american Netflix shows on your UK or Canada Netflix! Simply change your DNS settings in your network settings. Playstation 3 Also works on Xbox 360 and Wii Wii: Xbox 360: Reported to work on iPhone and iPad also! FREE XBOX LIVE OR PSN CARD:

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  1. so far so good, thanks, the settings are working for two days now..thanks

  2. I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothin‘, but I think I love you! 😉

  3. Worked for me. Thanks a lot

  4. i need help my settings has ip subnet, default router,primary and seconary all the videos is different my ps3 is version 4.31.

  5. Worked flawlessly, thank you.

  6. for people saying its to fast…pause button retards.

  7. I could kiss you – I lost my US Netflix when TalkTalk changed my service earlier in the week - now im back 🙂

  8. Shit video. Scrolled way to fast. Im not superman…..

  9. This is awesome.
    Video is a wee bit fast, but still amazing.
    Thank you so much! Subscribed 😀

  10. thanks! subscribe? 🙂

  11. doesnt effect it for me, but if it does you can allways set your dns back to automatic. Subscribe?!

  12. It’s not working ..

  13. Awesome! US netflix is miles better.

  14. Way too fast to keep up

  15. This worked great for me, I’m in UK and now have all Family Guy series and everything 🙂

  16. hello this might sound stupid but does the dns code effect any online gaming? or is it strictly for Netflix use?

  17. in canada this does not work

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