Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 27 Jan — 2 Feb
Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 27 Jan — 2 Feb

Another typical week on Facebook and what more could we ask for amidst people shifting paradigms and realigning their broken sleep patterns for school, university and possibly unemployment. I kid but seriously, unemployment is great for gamers except the part where you can’t afford games.

Here’s this week Facebook 5 straight off the eGamer page.

5 — The Original Silent Assassin?

Who would you be more afraid of, a tattooed, bald killing machine or a faceless guy in a suit? Wait a minute , that second one sounds like most people’s co-workers.

Link to thread.

4 — Superman Lives

That’s what the Tim Burton helmed movie starring Nicolas Cage was going to be called before someone saw Cage in the costume, shuddered and convulsed violently. It’s really not as bad as Brandon Routh though.

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3 — Kirby’s Avengers

I think it’s safe to say that a rampant team of Kirby’s unleashed upon Loki’s army would simply have eaten everything instead of needing the awfully elaborate and typically heroic events of the final act of The Avengers. Also you wouldn’t have a thousand alien corpses to clear up afterwards because the worst thing about an awesome party is waking up the next morning and having to clean up.

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2 — Consoles In China

Some curious insight from Jimmy Fallon. All you had to do for that shiny Xbox was mow the lawn and possibly sell your sister on Gumtree.

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1 — The Definition Of Insanity

Well of course a post involving Far Cry3 was going to be number one, it would just be madness (or insanity?) if it wasn’t.

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