Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 17 Feb — 23 Feb
Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 17 Feb — 23 Feb

What can I say about this week on our Facebook page? To be honest I can’t say much because it would be like talking about Vermont which I have heard of and seen pictures of but have never actually been to. I was somewhat absent from our Facebook page this week so I’ll say whatever you want me to say about this week.


5 — Inglourious Team

A new collaboration between Neo-Nazi hunters and Gabe Newell. With a cameo from Quintin Tarantino wearing a hat.

Link to thread.

4 — Sony Playing Dirty

Who cares about PS4? With marketing like this, Sony could sell us the PS3 for another 10 years.

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3 — What’s in a name?

Evidently not much.

download (1)


Link to thread.

2 — Xbox Portable

This is the reason why PS Vita sales are so low, people just use Xbox Portable™.

Link to thread.

1 — DualShock 4

So the PS4 was announced this week and while the console was MIA we did get to see plenty of this lovely new DualShock controller.

Link to thread.


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