This Week In Indie: Wasteland 2, Whispering Willows And Delver’s Drop
This Week In Indie: Wasteland 2, Whispering Willows And Delver’s Drop

Valentines Day has passed and with many of us not even noticing its presence, or we did and we’re just ambivalent towards the whole ordeal. Anyway, it has been another awesome week in indie, as it always is and we have some stellar news for all you indie gamers out there. So let’s get on with the show, pronto.

The biggest news this week has to be the release of gameplay footage for the upcoming Wasteland 2 in development by inXile Entertainment. If you are a fan of the Fallout series, including the old school ones, and its predecessor Wasteland. Then Wasteland 2 is right up your alley, as it is all about a post-apocalyptic adventure and more. What exactly is Wasteland 2 you may ask? Well, this is what the developers inXile Entertainment had to say on their Kickstarter page:

Wasteland 2 is the direct sequel to the first ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG. The original Wasteland was the inspiration for the FALLOUT series of games, and the first RPG to allow players to split parties for tactical considerations, to face players with moral choices, and to make them deal with the consequences of their actions. It was the first to provide far more than the one-key-for-one-lock style of puzzle solving. It was groundbreaking, which is why IGN named it one of the top 25 PC games of all time, Computer Gaming World named it the Adventure Game of the year in 1988, and it was short-listed for inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution’s current “Art of the Computer Game” exhibition.

When speaking about the post-apocalyptic setting for the game, inXile Entertainment had this to say:

Wasteland was set in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world in the American Southwest. Over the course of adventures rangers would receive promotions, acquire new skills and equipment, then face new challenges with outcomes that changed depending on the strategy used to defeat them. The game featured a strong storyline which required painful decisions by players; and a storyline that allowed for maximum re-playability. Wasteland 2, with your participation and insights, will recapture all that and provide more. It’ll finally be the game worthy to be a Wasteland sequel, as challenging and rewarding as the original, with all added capacity and dazzle of games today.

The gameplay video demonstrates quite clearly all the factions that will be seen in Wasteland 2, and it is an interesting extension of the critically acclaimed series and will definitely be a must for Fallout fans. We can’t wait for this one.

In other news, many people have been wondering what the launch titles will be like for the Ouya. Well, Whispering Willows, a horror puzzle adventure game is definitely one of them. The game uses the Unity engine and looks like an amazing quality game with superb visuals. In the game, you play as Elena who is trying to find her father, and at the same time is trying to solve many of the mysteries in Willows Mansion. You can speak to spirits and have to help them find a peaceful resolution, so as to move on to the afterlife. Elena also has the ability to switch between the physical and spiritual realm, in order to effectively solve puzzles and make progress. The game will be multiplatform and available not only on the Ouya, but also on PC, Mac and Linux. Whispering Willows is already shaping up to be something amazing. We can’t wait to see what happens with this game.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could play a puzzle rogue-like version of old school Zelda? Well, Delver’s Drop may be your cup of the tea as the game makes progress with its Kickstarter, and Pixelscopic, the developers behind the game, have now since released a preview trailer for the game. So what exactly is Delver’s Drop? If you must know, this is what Pixelscopic had to say about the game:

Delver’s Drop is a 2D Action RPG with fluid physics-based movement, snappy combat, shifting dungeons, and a rogue’s gallery of individually levelled character classes. With an emphasis on mystery and dynamic gameplay experiences, the game features randomization for infinite replay, enigmatic puzzle permutations to unravel, multiple narrative paths, customizable character growth, and layers of secrets to unearth.

Delver’s Drop will include physics-based hack and slash gameplay, multiple characters, different playstyles, weapon growth, customisation on all fronts, as well as weapons and items to boot. The game is visually pleasing, and will be available on Windows, Mac, Android, certain mobile devices and Linux, it seems. This is a game that indie fans should be on the look out for.

Ultimately, that’s it for this week. Another round of indie news has come and gone with some very intriguing developments, which seems to be the case with the indie scene nowadays. We hope you have a great weekend. Remember to keep it real and indie.


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